I’m smearing my spelling reputation

When I recently taught Abigail how to use the spellchecker, she didn’t understand why she had spent so much time on that darn spelling bee a while back. I also wonder, “Why did we spend every moment in the car for three weeks spelling word after word, if a computer will fix your mistakes for you?” She was amazed! I am sure that somewhere in that great brain of hers, she is trying to figure out how she can have Microsoft Word close by for next year’s competition.

I don’t want to make you think that I am trying to exploit Abigial with this video because I chose to post the video of when she got outed. Abigail was the only third grader to stay in until the third round; she did very well. And it’s a good thing because it felt like I lived and breathed spelling there for a bit. I just love watching her little wheels turn in this video. You can see it on her face that it only took her .005 second to realize that she didn’t know how to spell smear. So, what did she do… she said something as quick as she could to get the misery over with. That’s my girl…why prolong misery?…if you barrel through anything fast enough, it is as if you didn’t experience it at all. (Wow, even if she doesn’t ever win the spelling bee, maybe I have taught her some life coping skills?)

I like to blame LeGrand for the fact that Abigail did not know “smear”. Really, if that would have been my word, she would have never forgotten the trick…ear with and sm? (Dad didn’t really get into the spelling tricks) The end of page three was dad’s job while mom was at work, back in December. LeGrand swears they went over it, and I am not trying to be mean by blaming him, but really, just so you know, it is the only way that I am feeling good about my job as a mom right now. That spelling bee was one way that I could prove that I was a little smart. LG, well, let’s just say he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone (he’s pretty secure) and he can also do math. And, let’s face it, with Word around, who really needs to know how to spell anyway?

Is anyone else having trouble using their spellchecker in blogspot? I am sorry if I have made you all cringe with my misspelling during the last few days. (Is that word even spelled right?) Well, if anyone knows what I need to do so that I can spell correctly again, can you give me a shout? I would hate to smir my stellar spelling reputation.

And, a good old fashioned spelling bee is not going to work…I now know modern technology in the most intimate fashion, if you know what I mean.



  1. I don’t know if it’s Firefox or what, but any time I am typing using Firefox as my internet browser, the little red line appears letting me know I have misspelled a word. What browser do you use?

  2. I am so struggling with no spell check on blogger. All of my the’s are teh’s and my brain never see the mistake! My FIL got invited to go to the Mitt thing yesterday morning at the Pancake Place in Nashville. He is the stake clerk and our Stake Pres. is Mitt’s campaign guy in Rutherford County. He didn’t go! I told him Sunday that I would go for him, but no!! He could have gone for free!

  3. And who needs to know basic math when you have excel or calculators?I am glad I am not the only one having blogger spell check issues. I have been hanging out at webster.com a lot the past few posts.You have to have a newer OS to get that red line in your browser. On my old junky I use firefox and it doesn’t tell me, but my fancy laptop does in the same browser. Or maybe I need to upgrade firefox on my junky?(I’ll be back to watch the video… hubby sleeping 2 feet away, don’t want to disturb him right now.)

  4. Oh the horror! I once stood in front my whole school having just won a general knowledge quiz and my headmaster (Principal) thought it would show off my skill by asking me what the capital city of France is. My mind went totally blank in front of 400 people and I shouted London out of sheer terror. My nickname was then ‘London’ for the following three years!

  5. Mike, that is so funny!!! Yes, I do understand the horror too, but I was never one of those smarties to be put on the spot..I was put on the spot for much less impressive things…like, mostly my own big mouth!

  6. It’s kind of sad that soon we will all depend on these technology helps and then what will we do if the power goes out???? I’m grateful I haven’t had a problem with my spell check–I get the same little red line–I use Safari.

  7. No way, you’re third grader will always be a little chubby baby to me. And the spell checker not owrking has really hindered my writing. I avoid using certain words now just because I am not sure how to spell them.

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