Our Daddy’s Gold

Stranded on an island



[Abigail]….my Game Boy, portable DVD player, lots and lots of bacon, tons of pulp free orange juice, books, a book about how to survive on a stranded island, and a swimsuit.

[Bella]….a safety kit, my pet Kitty Bear, ice-cream, my swimsuit, and a store.

[Mom]….I like the idea of a book that tells you how to survive, if I could take only five things, I would take that, and an unlimited supply of waterproof matches, a first aid kit, a tarp, and an extra pair of shoes.

[Dad]…I would take just one thing….a cell phone.

[Mom]….Sophia, what would you take?

[Sophia]….hmm, let me think. I don’t know. I would take my bed, a pillow, and my pajamas.



Cally brought over mom’s prize today.
It’s cute and it’s great to have it, but I want to share it with Abigail and Sophia.

Mom: Bella, what do you want to say about these people?
Bella: I want to call them John, Jake….Mom, I can’t think of any good names!
Mom: It’s o.k. (waiting, waiting, waiting)
Bella: Dillia, Wanda, Speranza. A boy named Sean and one named Jack.
Mom: Do you have a name for the last girl?
Bella: I can name it whatever I want, but I don’t have any idea.
Mom: Maybe blogging isn’t so bad now, huh?
Bella: (can’t hear me the first three times because she has dad’s headphones hooked up to Sesame Street) “Yeah”, distracted and uninterested.

Sophia’s teeth

Sophia: “This is me before I got my teeth out. And, when I had my teeth out, it felt kind of wierd. Then I had to have this thing in my mouth while they were bleeding. A tissue.I showed Daddy my teeth were gone. Now I just have two front teeth instead of my little baby teeth.”

Bella: “Sophia’s teeth turned to be out great.”

Abigail: “When Sophia brought home her teeth she put them in an envelope under her pillow and the next day the tooth fairy came and under her pillow was an envelope with five dollars and twenty-eight cents of change. The most I ever got from the tooth fairy was $3 for one tooth.”

It’s a girl mustache

I think I will post links to the kids every time they post something on their blog. This way I can have a way to say anything I want about their post.

Today’s kid post has an explanation. I started watching a sweet 7 month old baby boy today. I will be babysitting every Mon – Thurs so that I can pick up the financial slack while LG gets started with his own legal practice. (hopefully he can get started – we still have 2 1/2 weeks until bar results)

As you can imagine, today is an adjustment day for all of us. My adjustment was that I didn’t get to go back to bed after Abigail and Sophia got off to school. (normally Bella won’t wake up until 9 or 10) Brayden’s (our new daytime baby) adjustment is getting used to a new place and new people.

And Bella’s adjustment today was entertaining herself while mom went to lay down with the baby to get him used to his new sleeping arrangements. The mustache is what she came up with during her 1/2 hour to herself…so cute!

The River Rampage

Abigail: “It was almost time to go home from Dollywood, and I begged dad to go on River Rampage (a water ride) with me. When we got there, Sophia and Bella wanted to go on the ride too, but (you know where we are going with this mom) Mom said, (hm hm hm) ‘No way, you guys are not going on that water ride! You will get wet and cry all the way home’.”

Sophia: “Mom said, ‘Because you will get soaking wet and it is freezing out here’.” (about 50 degrees to be precise) Mom, next time I am going to listen to you when you say not to go because I got soaking wet that time, and I don’t like getting soaking wet. ”

Bella: “I had fun even though it was wet. I liked it even though mom told me not to, but I still liked it even though mom told me not to. So, I went on there with Dad and Abigail and Sophia. I still likedid (her actual pronunciation) it, and I loved it.”

Abigail: “Sophia got in the jackpot seat, and every time we went down a water hill, she was the first to get wet. After the ride, I wanted to go again, and Dad said, ‘I’m not going because I am not getting wet again.’ So, I said, ‘o.k.’ and went by myself. I was proud of myself because I did not get as wet as Sophia. I knew better than to sit in the same seat as Sophia did the last time.”