Farts and Poops

This is Bella’s bum trying to fit into her diaper. I love it when the kids have plumber’s bum. So cute! Great shot, huh? I hope it’s not considered “inappropriate”.

Well, Bella has taken on a very endearing ritual. I first need to fill you in on my thoughts about the word “fart”. I thought it would be fun to share, even though my mother will be devastated that I am using the word “fart” so freely. I guess I am not a lady at all because I have never had a problem with the word fart. I mean why do people think the word is so bad? Fart, toot, pass gas, flatulate…they all mean the same action…..air being passed from a not so nice smelling part of the body. Everybody does it. Well, as you read on you will see that I am passing on the non-lady like use of the word “fart” to my three poor daughters. LG and I think it is funny when they say it.

We laughed SO hard the time Sophia announced to a crowded restaraunt that she had farted. Well, in the past two months, Bella, our little clown, has figured out that when she says the word fart it makes people laugh. So, whenever I ask her if she needs to be changed, I say, “Bella, are you poopy; do you have poops; do you need your diaper changed?”, she replies ever so slyly with, “No, I just farted.” At two, she is showing huge potential for being a funny adult, don’t you think?

I was staying at my in-laws for the last couple of days. My father-in-law, was very kind and offered to watch the girls while I went to a girls’ dinner with my mother-in-law and some extended family. I explained that I had left a diaper and wipes in the bathroom for Bella in case he needed it. Now, I know how he feels about poopy diapers. He wasn’t even fond of changing his own kids. So, I told him, “If she does poop, if you don’t want to deal with it, if you can stand the smell, just leave it, she’ll be o.k. until I get back.”

On the way to dinner I confided my concern for my father-in-law and the diaper situation to my mother-in-law. She just cracked me up and said, “Oh, he’ll be fine. You should have told him that you were just giving him an opportunity to pay you back for his diapers that you are going to have to change someday.”

Well, he did have to change a poopy diaper a half an hour after we left. I voiced my appreciation from the hallway as I was leaving to come home last night. I also mentioned that he had given me a good reason to have to change his diapers someday. I wasn’t too surprised when no laughter came from the office. I am sure he was horrified at the thought. I quickly p.s.’ed with the declaration that Faye had told me to tell him that. Still no response. What do you do? Again, I am left to wonder if my father-in-law will continue to accept me. So, in explanation: Duane, it was just a joke. If someone needs to change your diapers when you get old, I promise, it won’t be me. That is what Amy is for.



  1. Very cute pic. Baby plumber crack is adorable. I have a super active 17 month old. I put her in Pull Ups months ago. They fit better and seem like they are more comfortable.The farts? So funny. My 3 1/2 yr old loves to announce that she is “A Farty Girl!”

  2. HAH! i’m sure amy would love that =) and i don’t think that’s gonna be amy’s job. logan can do that. he’ll be the youngest and thus…the one with the most energy to do it 🙂 i miss you ali! robyn

  3. Hey Robyn,I got your last comment and Amy was supposed to be getting me your e-mail so that I could e-mail you, but I have never heard from her. I will hope that you will check the reply here.Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting too.Yes, I miss you too. I think of you every time I clean or organize. Man, I should take my camera up to Faye’s and take pictures of the storage room and blog about it. I think I am still sore!Good call on Logan can do the diaper changing. If he is going to medical school, he will be READY for whatever lies ahead, especially when it come to bodily functions and excretions.Come and see us again soon.

  4. Good idea with the Pull-ups, except for the fact that we are poor starving law students with 3 kids! Pull-ups run an average of .50 a piece whereas my Luvs diapers are only .25 ! Yeah, that can really add up. At an average of 4 diapers a day that is a $30/mo difference. I never use Pull-ups. I can think of so much more to buy for $2/day budget. Thanks for the hint of advice though; if we ever decide to have a toddler when we do have money, I will definitely give it a try. For now, I guess we will continue enjoying the plumber’s bums.

  5. I hate the word fart.. That is just like saying it would be ok to say Shi- instead of poop. The way that you worded it in your blog..Just b/c they are abnoxious and un-lady like. To me that is just my opinon though. Maybe you could say that I aam spending to much time with mom. WHo knows but I dont see some beautful model,celeberty or church figure saying that publicly I am very conservative it that way though. Call me closed minded. In other ways I am not at all. So who cares its your kids Right!!!

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