We are all addicted.

Thanks to Sheila for another fun quiz.

82%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

LG just requested that I use my 18% and come and give him some attention…have we finally found that two minutes at 8:00 on a Friday morning? (o.k. honey, just a sec…I AT LEAST have to finish this post.)



  1. my id on youtube is “waitonemore”, as in “honey, wait one more second, just one more second…” yeah, i can’t even touch that quiz because i am afraid of scoring all time high.

  2. I was a little afraid to take the quiz…but I did it (results on my blog!) and it wasn’t TOO bad! 🙂Have a great weekend (oh — and hope you got my phone message)!

  3. I enjoy blogging but I can’t compete with my hubby. I’m the one who bugs him to get off the computer so we can do something else. 🙂

  4. I hope you enjoyed your two minutes together. You really do deserve to celebrate the bar results. I was only 65% addicted but I am pretty sure I fugged some of my answers 😉

  5. Saw your link on Rita’s blog and took the quiz too. Sadly I’m up there too with 72%. Hey there’s worse things we could be doing then being friendly right? LOL

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