Sure Signs of Summer

It’s officially summer!

Here is a haiku poem a wrote and memorized 
in the 5th grade.
School is out today.
Here the children scream
yeah yeah.
School must start again.

Pretty deep if you ask me.

I wonder if the kids want me to surprise them with an after-school slurpee again?
I think Caroline is a true Southern girl.
Slurpees are too sour for her tastes.
I think she might prefer icees.

I think we need this oversize chair for all the camping we plan to do.
Or I could just watch slip and slide time out my kitchen window.
Either way, it’s definitely summer.
School is out today.
Hear the mother scream
yeah yeah.
Lazy days I love.


  1. Every time we go to Florida we get Slurpees at 7-Eleven. Probably good we don't have them here in SC!

    Enjoy summer with your precious girls!


  2. I miss my slurpees. We used to make a late night run for them in Vegas. We have hit Summer with both feet running full speed ahead. Pools and beaches and lots of outdoor fun.

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