Can Faye figure it out?

I love my mother-in-law Faye. I really do! She is at the top of my “I love” list. She is one of the people in my life that I can not imagine living without. I literally have been brought to tears several time by the thought that she will more than likely kick the can before I do. I will be utterly lost in this world without her.

Here is a picture of Faye and her good friend Jean on their last visit to my house.

I thought that the picture is appropriate because Faye has taught me more about friendship than anyone else I know. I am so blessed to have Faye in my life. (I also just had to put this picture of Jean on the blog because she hates to have her picture taken)

I helped Faye set up her blog today. (go and leave her a comment) In response to Faye’s surges of trepidation with the technology, I kept trying to reassure her that she couldn’t ruin anything unless she pushes a delete button. I came home to find this quote in my box… I thought it was especially pertinent to the occasion of Grammy starting her new blog in her ripe old age:

“To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.”

You have to know that this is especially funny to me because I have always told Faye that she is absolutely perfect. She adamantly opposes this idea and has even let out a curse word just once to prove to me that she isn’t perfect…to which I am sure she instantly crawled to the quiet of her room to offer up a prayer of repentance.

I can only hope that by introducing Faye to the blogging world I can someday say that I was truly instrumental in helping her “really foul things up”. I will feel so powerful knowing that I could influence one of the greatest souls in this world to come over to the dark side once in a while…even if that dark side is just the world of blogging…because I know Faye will never utter another curse word in her life!



  1. You are so fortunate to have Faye. What a woman! I’m headed over to check her blog out now… then I am going to bed.Happy Easter to you all! Can’t wait to hear your report tomorrow night.

  2. That is so sweet that you love your MIL like that! What an example you are to all. Maybe, your MIL would give lectures. I would be happy to pay for mine. LOL

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