The Public Library

One of our first stops here in our new home was the Public Library.
for new library cards.
Of course.
The library is a poor man’s friend. It is the smart man’s friend and it’s my sanity.
I love public libraries.
And I love our new library.
It’s humongous! 
There is a whole basement of movies, books on tape and music.
There is also a whole wing of children’s book with a whole upstairs of more advanced readers for middle school age.
Just thought you might like some of the photos of the view from the front of the library.

This is where you go if you don’t turn your books back in time.
He he

And look, we have blossoms here almost as pretty as in Tennessee.

We live in a wonderful place where we not only have beautiful mountains but also a lot of people who think literacy is important.

We are really looking forward to the world-famous Timpanogas StoryTelling Festival.



  1. Beautiful Utah! I love the shot of Mt. Timpanogas. The majesty of those snow-covered giant mountains takes my breath away. The library sounds fantastic and I bet at least one of your girls makes it in to the storytelling festival in the future. (think the deadline for this year is passed) Enjoy your library!!!

  2. They have a pretty fun story/song time for toddlers. I think it is Tues, Wed, Thurs at 10 am. At 10:30, they have time for 4-5 yr olds. That one is fun too, but the stories are a little long for my busy 3 yr old. You'll have to check on the time for sure though! Sometimes its crazy, but the story tellers really get into it…its cute!

  3. Oh, how I love the library! I can never get enough of reading. And I probably keep the library well stocked with all of our late fees–I forget to renew the book, but can't turn it in until I am done. A bad habit, but Im pretty sure the library doesn't mind the extra cash flow!

  4. Hey, you guys didn't call me for moving help. Just as well, probably. It's been busy times for me. But I'm digging myself out from under the grading pile, so call me up some time. 🙂

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