Raising Boys

As you all know, I know nothing about raising boys. Well, I should give myself some credit. I do know a few things. Just from what I have heard from friends:

  1. baby boys require vaseline and guaze.
  2. the boys in kindergarten mark territory by spreading crayons, trash, and glue as far spread as possible (direct contrast to the girls who all keep their stuff neat and tidy) There has to be some kind of case study here between the hunting vs. gathering instincts.
  3. boys are way less whiny but way more active.
  4. boys are dirty and stinky and pee everywhere.
  5. boys don’t require hair styling. (how lucky)
  6. boys tear holes in their jeans twice as much as girls do.
  7. boys hit.
  8. boys love sand and dirt. (but so do my girls)
  9. boys eat more.
What am I missing here mommas? Please do tell me. I can only live vicariously.
All I can think about right now is this old post
10. boys have more butt crack.

Check out this chubby boy that was sitting next to us at this concert.
LG and I feel so cultured. We have attended 2 concerts in a month’s time. Utah is good for us, I think.
He was part of some of the best entertainment of the night for LG and I. How darling is he?
Hope his mom won’t mind the posted picture. She was busy on her phone allowing me to steal this gem without asking permission.

Check out this tagline contest I won today . It’s so great to have your creative juices recognized from time to time. And I really like the lesson the picture teaches. I know nothing of boys, but if a picture like this got taken, I know one thing only, dad was not around. Ladies, dress your boys macho. I want my girls to have some real manly men to marry someday.



  1. boys like to “test” you more! haha At least my boy! All I had to do was look at Briana and she would straighten up but Wyatt NOTHING WORKS! haha He is Mr know it all independent bossy pants! Like the other day we were arguing and I finally said “you wana bet” and he said “yeah is it kinda like a woopin?” haha Now tell me one girl that would say that? hahahaha 😉

  2. But I think girls get harder as they get older ;( Briana will be 13 on Wed and she is not the eaisiest thing anymore… boo! ahahhaha

  3. I have 2 boys and 2 girls. Two of them, a boy and girl, have been my most difficult by far and continue to be. Two of them, a boy and girl, have been my most active and one of them, a boy, is the most emotional. My middle two, a boy and girl are the most type A. Two of them, a boy and girl, are most worried about their appearance. As a matter of fact, my boys are much more particular about their hair and clothes then my girls. Etc, etc etc… I've thrown everything I've heard out the window and know that gender, at this point has very little to do with anything! Individual spirits, individual issues!!!

    I'm so tired Alice.

  4. Two boys and one girl – both boys harder than the girl at this house. Boys are terribly STUBBORN! That is my biggest issue. I agree with Valerie on being TESTED by the boys. UGH!
    My daughter is messier than my boys though.

  5. Not sure on the boys require no hair styling…my little brother always had hair only about 1/4 of an inch long and it took him hours to get it just right in the bathroom. No joke 🙂

  6. I like that boys settle disputes fast and still remain friends. As in they will hit each other then say they are buddies.

    Girls can drag a fight on for years.

    Boys can eat you out of your house just after you have gone shopping. It never fails I will buy something yummy and it will disappear before I get some. My girls always ask if they can have some.

    Boys can't smell the stink the way girls can.

    They don't need to go to the bathroom with anyone, when Girls need a whole support team to pee.

    Can't you tell I work at a school and could go on and on?

    Cute post.

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