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goldfam15Something happened on my fortieth birthday. I realized that I was not getting any younger and it was no longer o.k. for me to say that someday I will write. Today is someday and I don’t know how much longer I will have to try. So trying, I am. Yoda would be so proud.

I also realized that there was so much more I wanted to know to become the writer that I want to be. So, I went back to college. On April 30, 2020, at forty-six-years-old, I finally graduated with a Bachelor of Science in English education from Utah Valley University. I absolutely cherished every minute of 2 a.m. reading.  You see I am also a mother of five. As shown here, at age forty-one. Yes, my life is hard. Between work and family, I work harder than anyone I know. That’s why I only publish here sparingly. My days consist of busy busy busy: designing, writing, planning, and grading stuff as a teacher and then going home to find stuff that my kids have lost, clean what they’ve dirtied, and help with their homework, among the million other things parents do.

I previously blogged here and here but my own personal evolution made me feel trapped by the limited blog titles/subjects.

I guess I finally got confident enough to start a page with my own brand-name….it was a long ten-year journey to get me here,  but one that I don’t regret one bit. Thank you to all my therapists.

I hope this blog will become a place I can promote a book (or two) and that along the way I can inspire, entertain, and make my family proud. I also want to share my teacher stories.

Oh, and, of course, I always look forward to having online conversations with you, my readers. Please consider leaving me a comment unless you are that mean anonymous person that used to cyber-stalk me. If you are that person, please consider getting some therapy and accept my newly found ability to set healthy boundaries.

Thanks for being here! I love you guys.

Here we are updated:




  1. Alice – Just had to jump over here and read a little of your blog. It’s a beautiful Sat. morning in East TN, about 10 days left before school cranks back up for teachers, and I’m sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch with my sweet yellow lab, Maggie, while the rest of the family is still in bed. Life is good. Wishing you the best and missing your sweet family at Adrian Burnett. I hope this pregnancy is going well for you. I’ll never forget when you walked in my room, saw Alex’s pictures scrolling on my computer, gasped, and said you have always wanted a son with Down syndrome! I decided then you were either crazy or really trying to get on my “good side”. Since then I have concluded that you really are crazy, with those few words you instantly did get on my “good side”, and that you “totally get it”! Wishing a safe and healthy rest of your pregnancy. This child (along with your others) is fortunate to be born into such a sweet, and loving family. 🙂 Amy Webb

    1. I am a little crazy Amy. O.k. A LOT. ha. I sure miss all of our ABES family and you talking about sitting on your front porch is really making me sad. I don’t think I am going to get lucky with a special down syndrome, but I guess getting a boy at all is lucky enough for us. lol I wear the necklace you gave me all of the time; it’s my favorite and I always get complimented on it and think of you and the fun times I had reading newspapers with that sweet group of kids in your class. You will be proud to know that Abigail got a 28 on her English and Reading portions of the ACT…as a freshman. She got a 25 overall, but I am sure she will pull it up to a 30 before her junior year. She has a lot of math to still learn. Thanks for taking the time to send me a sweet message. Made my day.

  2. Oh my goodness…..I found you again! I was deleting some old e-mails and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw your name…. I’m looking forward to reading about you and your cute family! I’ve got a busy morning, but I’ll get back to you. It seems like yesterday when you were serving a mission here. You were the BEST! (lots of water under the bridge since then 🙂
    I always knew you would be a great wife and mother….and now a writer! Hugs…Sister Hawks

  3. Amazing to see you grown up and with a beautiful family! I was a co-worker nearly a quarter century ago. I remember your infectious smile and optimism well. You have a nice writing style – a talent for expressing your ideas and emotions. Be well!

    1. Thank you, whoever you are. I can’t see your name and am not making out your face either. Glad to see you here whoever you are and I’m glad to rekindle an old friendship. Make yourself known, stranger.

  4. Well, I’m not very memorable, but it was at a little store in Carlsbad and my name is Steve, stranger.

    1. Steve from Vons?!?!?? Crazy. How awesome that you found me here. Good memories hanging out with Jennifer Schulenburg (Corso.) Of course I remember you: I never forget friends.

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