Sex education

Here is a conversation that recently occurred between Abigail and one of her church friend’s.

Abigail’s friend reported the conversation to her mother, who reported it to me. It’s a good thing that Abigail’s friend was already informed, if you know what I mean.

Abigail said pointing to the lingerie at the local Target: “Do you know what those little nighty things are for? They are for, you know, when, hmmm…hmmmm.hmmm. You can only dress immodestly like that for your husband when you get married.”

The un-named friend who will stay anonymous was silent and stunned.

Abigail continued, “Yeah, my mom and dad have done that at least 98 or 100 times.”
The friend’s jaw then dropped – with some force, I should add.

Abigail unaware of the friend’s shock, then made sure that her friend was informed completely, “If it would have worked every time, my mom and dad would have had 98 or 100 kids.”

This is me. I’m taking a bow. Don’t you think that our sex ed is getting through to our kids?

And, please don’t tell you children that they aren’t allowed to play with Abigail anymore. We have just taught her not to be embarassed about the topic.

I promise I will have a talk with her about what she is saying to other kids.

Or, if you are too scared to have the talk to your own children, feel free to send them Abigail’s way. I think that she could do a very thorough job, maybe even better then you could do yourself.



  1. My kids breed dogs to raise money for college/missions.So sex ed has been in our face and in our living room, on occasion!Several years ago my nephews were over. My Bro-in-law called the next day to thank us for the informative lesson my kids gave them after they found the dogs “stuck” together.It still makes me laugh…

  2. I’m waiting for the day the boys will ask more specific questions. We’ve had the nipple discussion, HOW babies are born, male genitalia, kissing,they still haven’t asked the BIG question. I will have to ask you and Abigail for some advice on how to approach the subject!! You just never know what your kids will say when you’re not there!!LOLLove your blog and I miss you tonsTrisha

  3. ROTFL – seriously too funny! We are pretty open with the topic, but the kids are still young so they don’t know too much yet. I think I might fly Abigail out to give the talk! 98-100 times…do you tell her everytime the number goes up? LOL Seriously it’s embarrassing to laugh like this at work!

  4. I guess Abigail is still too young to think… no way… my mom & dad would never do that. Or they have had 3 kids so they have done the married 'mommy & daddy' thing three times. It always makes one nervous to hear what kids say when Mom & Dad aren't around… and what family secrets they reveal.ToOdLeS.ShEiLA

  5. Oh, that’s too good. “98 or 100 times” is the best line.Kudos, I think it’s great that she’s not embarassed about it…that means she’ll talk about it when she hears other kids say stuff or has questions or whatever.

  6. That is hilarious!! 98 or 100 times,thats a good one. I’m totally showing my hubby this post when he gets home in the morning!!I think my kids may know about sex..They like to watch animal planet…when some cats on animal planet were doing it one day they started crying because they thought the boy cat was hurting the girl cat. Now that they know a little bit more they kindly inform us whenever they see animals “doing it”. We have not had the offical talk with them about it though.

  7. My jaw dropped as well.Scott and I have agreed to segregate. He talks to the boys, I talk to the girls… but I think we’ll send them all over to your house now!!!This post is one of my favorites.

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