So, good news at the imsofunny camp. I’ve had a total of 1,800 hits in the past few days. I never expected my instalanch and gateway link from two political blogs: instapundit and gatewaypundit.(because from my post a while back, you all know I have never really been into politics) But, wow, I have taken myself by surprise with my own involvement the past couple of weeks. Something lit a political fire under me and I am not totally sure what it was.

To all of my readers who like my typical stories and not my Mitt Romney propaganda, you will be happy that my love affair politics is almost over. I can feel my disenchantment coming on: it’s inevitable, tomorrow is SuperTuesday. I’ll be glad when it’s over, so I can get back to blogging about things that I love. (not sure what the things I love are, but I like to rediscover that every day) I reallylaughed at what a man said to me tonight when I called him about voting. He said, “Well, honey, what I always say is, You have to vote or you have no right to b****.” (I apologize to my Mormon friends for the vulgarity there)

On a side note: I have had the same template for my blog for the past 3 years. But recently people say they can’t read it any more. Which, means that who knows how many of the people from my miracle of an instalaunch could actually read my blog! Oh well, I never planned on being famous in the political world anyway.

For you who have been disappointed when you came to my blog to only find one smeared page, you will be happy to know that I am now in the processing of changing my template. I have to say though that I feel a great sense of loss. I have gotten attached to my old one! How sad, somehow the instalaunch I’ve been wishing for got me no loyal readers and simutaneously ruined my good old template! Well, I guess it’s all about progression. (blogging and political)



  1. You never know… supertuesday may take your propaganda to a whole new level… Am I right? I know who I am voting for tomorrow.Loved the comment from the voter you called. Smart guy.Kudos for making changes on your blog. I have yet to veer away from Liam’s original template. I just don’t have the patience to redo everything. I know how you feel, that coziness of your original format. It’s nice. But I like this new one… it looks good on you!

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