1. Can you believe I have never taken my kids to those fountains?? My in-laws have though. They do look like tons of fun.(darn it that song sticks in my head FOREVER! Why oh why did I listen???)

  2. good ole Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee… homw sweet home to YOU, not me cause I have never even been there. (that’s my version and I am stickin to it)I thought those fountains looked great when Cally showed them…and now you have been to the fountains too. Kids are definitely enjoying summer… and it’s not even official yet… two more days to go. June 20th this year. ENJOY!ToOdLeS, ShEiLA

  3. When we went to NYC, they had fountains and sprinklers at every park and just random places through out the city, The kids loved it. . . here in VA we are a little behind on that kind of stuff; and if we did have it, they would charge you to play in it!!

  4. There are fountains somewhere close to us in NC and TN. ARe these them? We stopped at a park on our way to TN with the YM/YW to go splunking. I may have mis spelled that. We went to the caves. Until this post, I forgot how much fun it was.

  5. look like fun- did you notice the girl in front of the camera laying down, I loved the foutains, but loved that little girl almost more. thanks for sharing

  6. The fountains are cool!!BTW- you leave the best comments and how could I ever be offended? After all, you are a funny girl so I take everything you say in the funniest of ways.When are you coming out to UT??? You HAVE to visit, stay, play…. whatever, as long as I see you and your beautiful family.

  7. Those fountains sure look refreshing right about now, we’ve been having excessive heat warnings all week! I’d go there with my kids and run through them right now if I could! lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

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