Summer Reading

Last week I punished Abigail
for teasing her sister.
She had to go to her room and read
four chapters of Harry Potter.
After looking at the picture above,
and how the girl loves to read,
now you all know how
my disciplining isn’t always the most effective.
What can I say?
I’m a softie.
I love reading.
I recently spoke to a friend
about how when I die,
I want to leave a living legacy.
One part of that legacy
would most definitely be
that I inspired people to read.
I know that reading
is a powerful tool.
A tool for
Reading changes people
who will in turn make a better world.
If I could leave a living legacy of a love for things literary,
my influence would never end.
An eternal influence
is what I want for myself.
Nothing less would be enough.
I don’t want the buck to stop with me in the pine box.
I was really happy when
just linked my book review
It was an awesome post,
compiling book reviews for
books related to places of summer travel.
Of course, Cold Mountain
is a great feature for our own
beautiful Appalachian mountains.
My linked review is number 74 on the list.


  1. That is so cool. They loved your review. Summer is a great time to read especially in Nevada cause it's too darn hot to go outside.

    keep up the good work… reading and writing review.


  2. i have to say i feel that way about music. but reading is waring on me.
    as for Cold Mountain, never read the book but one of the best movies Jarom and I have ever seen. (the edited version that is!)

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