Campaign Calling

So, I got to call a bunch of people in Kingston, TN tonight to try and convince some last minute undecideds to vote for Romney.

One woman told me that she was voting for either McCain or Huckabee. I said something to the effect that, “If you want a conservative you need to vote for Romney, he’s the only conservative with a chance.”

She says “I could never vote for Romney.”

I say, “It’s a shame that people won’t vote for Romney because they don’t think that he is not Christian, because he is.”

She says, “I think it’s a shame that you call my vote a waste.”

What the crap? Where did she get that?

She must realize that a vote for that Huckabee is a waste, and as far as I am concerned, so is one for McCain.

C’mon conservative voters, come through for us tomorrow.

Watch CNN. And, why did CNN even give Hucakbee air time? They are totally liberal, it’s obvious by the way use their airtime. I am sick of it!



  1. Assumptions, assumptions, silly Kingston Lady. I’m sorry I turned you down to make calls. My dad gave me a hard time about that and tried to pressure me into taking some of his (we went to their house for FHE tonight). It’s a good thing I didn’t though, we’re showing the house in the morning and I just barely finished cleaning.

  2. I loved that clip of Mitt. He’s got a lot of grace and tact, in my opinion. I really love his view on the working class and that he’s been a part of it. He’s really selling himself, and sometimes that makes others look bad – whatcha gonna do Huckabee?

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