Ward Star Search

On Saturday evening,
the Gold family won the “Funniest” prize at our church talent show.

I think people just voted out of a sense of duty.
After all, I am the only ward member with a blog named imsofunny.
It really wasn’t that funny.
But isn’t Litte Miss Goldilocks so darling?
If I can ever get LG to actually finish the movie and download it,
I will share it at a later date.
It’s pretty entertaining, in a bad sort of way.
But, I have to say that for me the most entertaining part of the night was when the Bishop transformed from a daytime attorney to the SuperBishop at night.
He was wearing two suits….one over the top of the other.
He took his top one off.
Yeah, a Bishop taking his pants off in front of his whole congregation
is something that I hope to NEVER see again!
But, the shock factor worked. We all had to laugh out of pure horror.


  1. hey the link is not working so do a search for it. . .its the Life Lessons Essay Contest: What Was the Most Important Day of Your Life? by realsimple mag. you can win $3000

  2. Your model sure doesn’t look happy about the prize. It’s kinda cute… but she doesn’t think so.You guys have too much fun in your ward… i’m jealous.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  3. Can’t wait to see the video.I love the idea of the Bishop wearing two suits–and taking one off must have been a hoot.Love the picture of Goldilocks.

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