Go Vols!

I knew it was that time of year again when I saw the church sign.

I know you’ll all be surprised, but I haven’t photographed it yet.

It’s along the interstate right after the on ramp, and I am too cautious to stop, and too busy to make an extra trip out of my way to the front side of the building. Although the trip would most definitely be worth it.

The sign reads: God loves a Volunteer.

Knoxvillians are crazy about their UT Vols. Especially during football season.

I’m sure you’ll all be impressed that I captured this license plate while driving on the interstate. I think this plate belongs to Abigail’s first grade teacher. I didn’t get close enough with my camera to make sure it was her. It seems to freak people out when you follow them and then point your camera in their face.

I’m sure my anonymous Southern die hard will be appalled to hear that I don’t even own a piece of orange clothing. I am such an outsider. And it’s never more apparent than during football season, when Coach Fulmer reigns, even when his team doesn’t win. (which seems to be more often than not lately)

Personally, I love football season. I know that I can finally go to Wal-Mart on Saturday and not have to fight the crowd. EVERYONE is home watching the game. And for that, and for my husband’s law degree…I say…..GO VOLS!!!

Here is the soda pop display at the local Food City grocery store.



  1. Alice, you and I can be outsiders together! I almost feel guilty when I’m around all the crazy Vol fans and I’m NOT wearing creamsicle orange (as we like to call it at our house!) and I can’t talk about the game. I love football — but I haven’t really caught Vol fever. My kids however, have! (If I hear Rocky Top one more time…..argh!!!)God loves a Volunteer…that is a good one! πŸ™‚

  2. I must admit… I was a bit lost with this post. However, I quickly remedied my ignorance and went to 'the google' and did some research.NOW I get it. I learned someting I never knew before. Tennessee is known as [the volunteer state] & God isn't the only one who loves a volunteer in Tennessee.I had to figure out what the UT mascot would be??? The mascot's name is Smokey (makes sense) and Smokey is a 'bluetick houn dawg'.Thanks for giving me something new to learn today.ToOdLeS.ShEiLA

  3. Remind me to stay away from you when your driving. LOLThere was a crazy vols fan at a party we were at, that could not eat because the Vols were losing. I love football, don’t get me wrong, but people are C R A Z Y

  4. girl, you have some serious skillz with that camera and a moving vehicle! The grocery store also has some skillz going on! I’m so glad I didn’t do it! it would take me too long!

  5. So – when my husband goes to the BYU games, he wears a red plaid shirt. I have asked him whether he wants me to purchase a new BYU t-shirt, and he says no. “I want to stand out in the crowd!!!” I worry for his safety!

  6. Yeah, I don’t have any orange either!Saturday I had to drop Rachel off in a subdivision in town and there was a house that looked like the orange fairy had coughed up about 100 of those bow thingys that everyone in TN uses to decorate. ANd then an elderly woman walked out the door.Head to toe orange.Later I found out Saturday was a game against a big rival. I don’t remember who.

  7. I thought that UT stood for urinary tract (infection), or maybe University of Utah.I really have nothing against the University of Tennessee. Although, my neighbor said that if he ever sees orange with blue, he burns it (big U of Kentucky fan, go blue, I guess). Paul was invited to their big game (UT vs. UK) the other day. He had to decline.I remain a Coug fan. Go Blue! Their ranked #10 or 11 now!

  8. Being from Texas it always amazes me to see how loyal Tennessee is to the University of Texas, the one and only UT. Seriously it took me about 6 months to figure this out πŸ˜‰

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