Bella The Beautiful

Isn’t she just gorgeous? I always feel so badly for people who have children that just aren’t that cute. I know that sounds so superficial, but really, there are some kids out there that I hope and pray will grow into themselves.

I often wonder if people know whether or not their kids are “attractiveness challenged”. I think that all parents must feel that their kids are as beautiful mine, but I am here to be the one bold enough to speak the truth: they’re not. Wow, that makes me sound like a horrible and shallow person. I truly do love all children, but mine are all just beautiful. I can’t help but brag.

So, here is a little story from tonight. Nothing too exciting, but kind of funny. Bella somehow managed to take a good chunk out of Sophia’s leg with a #2 pencil. Phia was wailing in pain and Bella just kind of disappeared. Sometimes our girls have issues working through their emotions. (they get it from their dad – the working through part – they get their emotions from their mom) So, although we have blessed them with very good looks, we have simultaneously blessed them with other challenges. They have to stay humble somehow

I went back and tried talking to Bella. She doesn’t want to talk and starts crying into her pillow. I pull her up and hold her so that she has to look at me. I say, “Bella, let’s talk about this, I don’t want you to be sad. Why are you crying? Do you not want to apologize to Sophia? Sophia is crying because you hurt her. You need to go and apologize, even if it was an accident.”

Bella cries harder. I suddenly got the horrible thought. “Maybe she did this on purpose and now she is overreacting because she feels bad.” I say, “Bella, even if you did it on purpose, it’s o.k., you just need to go apologize.” Bella starts crying harder. I then feel like my assumption was correct. I ask, “Bella, did you do it on purpose? Bella, why are you crying?”

Bella then hollers, “I’m crying because I don’t appreciate it that you think I hurt Sophia on purpose.”

So, maybe I was wrong. Maybe my children aren’t so bad at working out their emotions. Maybe my children are not challenged in any way after all. Maybe they are just beautiful, and somewhat emotionally stable, and eloquent communicators too. I guess they will have only one weakness to work on. My brother used to have this poster hanging in his room. Maybe my kids can adopt it for their new mottto: “It wouldn’t be so hard to humble, if I wasn’t so darn perfect.”



  1. HAHAHA!! Alice Wills?? Alice Wills from Carlsbad? This blogging world is CRAZY!! So I’m looking at my friend Kristen’s site, and see this name and think, no way. So I look, and yep, it’s you. Loralee PACKARD Latham here. Ann-Marie and Adrienne would probably pee their pants if they knew. You’re in Tennessee? We’re in Cleveland. How do you know Kristen? SO RANDOM!

  2. You are right, she is BEAUTIFUL! Just a gorgeous child! I feel bad for the folks with unattractive children too. Though I have been pleasantly surprised when they DO grow into themselves.I am glad Bella did no harm on purpose. What a sweet girl to feel so bad for hurting Sophia.

  3. You do have beautiful kids…. but wasn’t it just a few days go that you said: “Thursday, January 10, 2008C’mon give me some substance. Every Mormon family blog looks exactly the same. I don’t care how cute your kid is! “

  4. Nadelie,Haven’t you figured out yet how to make comments that actually have your name attached and not anonymous? You are funny.You did quote me correctly. I know you have been just stalking and waiting to pull that quote back out.I will have you know that I didn’t just post a picture of my beautiful child..there was substance to go with it…maybe you missed the slightly funny story…you had to keep reading

  5. Awesome site. I have only read a few of your posts but they are so great. I think I’ll bookmark you. πŸ™‚And about the beautiful children: so, totally, TRUE. Really, What are you gonna do, being attracted to attractiveness is in our freakin DNA!

  6. Your girls are without a doubt very beautiful and this is such a great photo of Bella.Another great story from the Gold household — now quit offending that girl by thinking she hurt her sister on purpose! πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh, I LOVE it when such grown-up words come out of little mouths (beautiful little mouths at that), “I don’t <>appreciate<>…” So funny. Your girls <>are<> all beautiful.

  8. Is this like “7 Degrees to Alice”, like the Kevin Bacon game?I, like you, feel badly for ugly kids but here’s the kicker… the ugly ones are a lot of times the most misbehaved and annoying children. I don’t know if they’d be more attractive if they were less annoying or less annoying if they were more attractive. What came first, right? Just a little food for thought.

  9. She is very beautiful! You guys need to come visit so we can see all of you cute kids in person.oh! and thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ve always thought that Kristen was the only person who looked at it. You made my day!

  10. I feel so behind – I haven’t checked your blog in days! This story is hilarious and the reason we love to be mothers of girls! All the feelings, all the time…

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