More Mormons

I found this photo tonight on my first picture in blogger play. It linked to Porter who is also Mormon. He had his first talk in Primary today.

See, I told you this was a fun game. Try it.

Then I found this one that links to Family X* (who as you can see from the comment below was very angry with me and I have removed the link and the picture) I truly am sorry for any emotional damage I have caused. I thought that all people in the blogging world would love a link. I THOUGHT WRONG. I guess we aren’t all narcacistic.

Family X* also happen to be Mormons. This took a little more figuring that will only make sense to Mormons. I picked the picture because I thought it looked like some apartments in Utah. I couldn’t tell from the post or profile if they were indeed Mormons. This will only make sense to Mormons, but I scrolled down past the “What do you do in the wintertime” to “once there was a snowman”, to “brayden’s blessing” and finally figured it out when I got to the “ward trunk or treat”. Good find, huh?

*If you really want to see the name of Family X, all you have to do is read the comments she has left. I kindly removed her family blog name from my post also, but I am sad to say that there is nothing I can do about the comments that she has left herself.

And another one. I think that the Mormons are taking over These people are The Shaws

Their mention of The Temple on the side bar as well as their friend Hyrum gave them away.



  1. ok..I am glad you at least told me that you were taking a pic from my blog to put on your but I still don’t think it’s cool AT ALL. I did not appricate a pic from my blog posted on yours at all. I guess I thought there was some level of respect and trust in the world still and I was clearly wrong. I learned my lesson and made our blog private and would now earge EVERYONE to do so as well. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your family and I’d do anything to protect mine. I would also greatly appriciate you taking the post off of your blog.

  2. The only thing I will do further is take the name Team W off my post. Everything else is so general, the info. could belong to any Mormon family.So, I would kindly appreciate it if you would quit commenting on my blog. Your comments on my blog are considered way more rude in the blooging world than what I have done to you.I am not a horrible evil monster that is trying to compromise your family’s privacy. All I did was take a picture and link off the internet. This is what the whole blogging world is all about.I suggest you read up on what it means to have a blog.And, if you really desire privacy, get off the internet all together.

  3. teamw: I can appreciate your concern for your family, I feel the same. However, the Internet is not the way to maintain your privacy. Pretty much anything online is fair game to anyone else online. If you wish to keep others from reading what you post, I suggest a good old fashioned paper journal, not the Internet.Making your blog private does put up one more obstacle for the rest of the world to read it, but it is still very possible to read it if someone really wants to.

  4. Who else names their kids, Hyrum, Ether, Nephi, etc.? Thank goodness!!!… no offense to any Mormons who have family named Hyrum, Ether, Nephi, etc. (You can’t be too careful, eh Alice? It seems there are some angry LDS out there.)Wow.

  5. Ok, I just don’t understand why you care about other people’s lives. Especially when you don’t know them. Get a life & find somehthing better to do with your time. Stop putting your nose into other people’s business. It’s rude!

  6. I think its easier to spot the non-mormons! As for the comments you got. . .some people are just to up tight about things; that are really not a big deal to you and me, but I think you handled it well!:)

  7. Blogs are all about putting your nose in other business! I wonder why people didn’t think their non-copywrited content was safe from public use. Oh well. I guess they didn’t want any traffic on their blog.I started my blog for journaling purposes, but I leave VERY private information out of my posts for obvious reasons. Sorry you were attacked, Alice. I thought every blogger knew that you can access any other blog by accident if it isn’t passworded/private.

  8. Holy moly seriously??? That is so ridiculous. Why blog IF YOU DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO READ IT!?!??! BTW…just a little FYI…if you Google teamw just for giggles, you can read info that teamw has blogged. Oh no…please go attack GOOGLE now. Leave a few comments with them.

  9. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">view teamw cached info<>

  10. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Here’s more teamw cached info.<>Just click the ‘cached’ link at the bottom of each search saves everything people. if you put something on their site, it is NOT anonymous anymore, no matter how ‘private’ you think you make your blog.

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