Ten Virgins with Children

No, it wasn’t immaculate. It was a church play. It was fun.
Guess who was the one with the real Pashmina?
Yeah, that would be me.
A few years back, my sister, Shannon, brought it back for me from Italy.
I told her how beautiful it was and kindly thanked her.
I thought to myself, “When is simple old me ever going to wear something so elegant?”
“It’s a darn scarf. I am never going to wear a scarf!
Why couldn’t she bring me some wine?”
(not really, because you all know I can’t drink that)
So, I tucked the soft and pretty scarf away for a completely improbable day in the future when I would magically transform into a woman with some taste.
Shannon’s husband has schooled her in the ways of refinement.
I was not so lucky.
I had to teach my husband to match the color of his shoes to his belt.
And that there are some occasions besides church that it is appropriate to wear something other than jeans or basketball shorts, and a T-shirt.
I grew up in a beach town and LG grew up in a County school in Tennessee.
So, you can imagine that when it comes to the subject of fashion,
we are both somewhat challenged.
But, wow, last week,
I got to pretend that this mother of 3 was not only a virgin,
but that I was also the coolest woman in the play.
You see, I had a real Pashmina.
I felt like a million bucks as the other virgins salivated in envy.
On the way home, I promptly called my sister to give her the much delayed appropriate thanks. You know the kind where there is almost groveling involved.
I somehow had to make up for my lack of excitement from my first little thanks.
I told her, “There’s nothing like the jealousy of another woman to make you want to have a little more culture in your life.”
I have to tell you that, for me, the sense of belonging to the high life was fleeting.
As soon as I got home, the scarf went right back in the bottom of my drawer.
We wouldn’t want my kids to find it, would we?
It may somehow end up in their dress up box
with the fluffy elf costume and Styrofoam knight’s armor.
Now, all I can do is hope that our church Christmas party
will be the kind that we all dress up and go back to Jerusalem.
I would love to have a chance to NOT gloat.
Now that I know what a Pashmina is,
I may be able to sensor my pride and play it off,
instead of rubbing it in the face of commoners.


  1. It was meant to be, and very pretty at that!By the way, I prefer the laid back look. Being from the west coast myself, you just try to stay comfortable and cool.

  2. I am quite envious of your beautiful Pashmina! But we all know I could never pull it off anyway. I am as “fashion senseless” as they come!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. I love it! and you are too funny! i know fashion, I’m just too cheap to buy it and then well, I just don’t look great in high fashion these days. and I’m too lazy to fix that.

  4. I was wondering why you looked so authentic??? ÜI miss blogging my boggy friend… I might attempt an annoymous to my family kind of blog… and enjoy myself again. Thankfully… all of my bloggy friends didn’t stop when I did… I have gotten packages in the mail from two bloggy friends this week. (i guess i won’t jump overboard) Life has still been dramatic for me though.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

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