Dear Sir South,

Dear Sir South,
Do you think you could do me, your favorite Western transplant, a favor?
Can you please invite some of my favorite features of Western living
to come and visit from time to time?
I would be much obliged, sir.
I just can’t be taking 2,000 mile trips whenever I need a fixin’.
I know I ought not complain, but I so miss things from my native land.
I love the you with most of my heart now.
And, I surprised even myself that I missed some things about you while I was away.
But, there are just so many joys of life that are absent here.
I don’t think it would be a terrible crime to let some of those things in.
For instance,

I know this Jack in the Box looks scary,
but what harm could he really do while he driving that convertible
and cooking me up some 2 tacos for 99 cents at the same time?

And, I know we have as many icees as we could ever want,
but don’t you think it is time they had a little competition?
I think that some slurpees from 7-11 would be the perfect threat/compliment
to our only two flavors: coke and cherry.
Besides I am a Mormon and I can’t even drink the coke flavor.
And that cherry stuff is getting a little old.
It’s as if you’ve never heard of the flavors pina colada or orange or grape or
Mountain Dew or Dr Pepper or berry or
…..well, I am sure that you are getting the picture.

This is called real Mexican food.
It is a slice of heaven.
You have not tasted the perfection of combined flavors
until you have tried this mix of pineapple and shrimp!
I know we have some Mexicans living here…
don’t you think we could sneak them some recipes
and give them a loan to help them open up shop?

Western Bacon Cheeseburgers….I guess they will have to stay in the West.
Boo hoo.
This is called a covered bus stop.

I know I NEVER ride the bus, so this seems like an odd request, but
it just makes me feel better to see people have a nice comfortable shelter while they wait.
I’m not even going to mention the sidewalk
because you already know how I feel about its absence here.

This is what we call red clay. It’s beautiful in its own way.
A cactus. This is the one thing that I really don’t have to have.

I just thought that I would add it in for a good measure.
I know that we have a Waffle House,

but do you think that they could somehow hire my dad
and pay him enough to actually make him move out here.
I just love his fried eggs and toast.
Thank you sir.
You know where to find me.
I will anxiously be awaiting your reply.
Alice Gold


  1. A 7-eleven would be great. I’m going on 3 years without a slurpee. It takes awhile to get used to BBQ and grits and pastry. When I moved to the south from canada, I though pastry meant, you know, donuts and stuff. You know, like they sell in pastry shops. But no, it means chicken and dumplings. Imagine my disappointment. I do like BBQ now and couldn’t imagine not being able to eat it but I do miss normal food too. Oh, and people made fun of me when I first came here because I dip my fries in gravy. My husband to this day insists that gravy is only for potatoes. ( in canada you can ask for a side of gravy with your fries at most fast food places.).

  2. Wow, you hit the nail on the head! I soooo miss Jack and the “breakfast jack”, Tacos, oh Alice. 7-11, or even Circle K. Real mexican food, with stredded beef. What are you doing to me this morning. I may have to drive to Crossville, or Cookville, wherever Jack is. HeeheeI also miss Whataburger!

  3. We even had 7-elevens when I lived in Hong Kong!Our town had Jack in the Box until about 6 months ago. It went out of business.We miss good pizza (from when we lived in Chicago) but found a Giordanos near you this summer. It was a happy day. I think it was in Maryville. It was near the airport. That is K-Ville, isn’t it? I was a little turned around after a week at teh beach in SC and then a LONG night at teh GO cart tracks in Sevierville!!!I think I am still recovering…

  4. I had no idea that you were so deprived there! I would die without a jack in the box. When I worked at Tony Romas in the summer in seattle I couldn’t stand the food so I would go to the drive-in of Jack and get some yummy food and a shake. Mmmmmmm

  5. Matt is a huge Jack-in-the-Box fan and has been known to travel additional miles out of our way when we’ve been out of town just to find a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant. We LOVE the tacos and affectionately call them “grease pocket tacos”. (don’t you agree — they are like little pockets of grease filled goodness???)And don’t get me started on the sidewalks. I miss those too.And finally, you have NO idea how badly I am craving Mexican food now that you shared that photo….mmmmm…..I sure hope Sir South listens. This Yankee has a few requests of her own — but I’ll see how you do with your requests first! 😉

  6. I forgot to say that Jack looks quite scary in that photo — but he is no where near as scary as that darn Burger King in those commercials! He CREEPS me out!!!

  7. we have a jack but sadly no 7-11, our petro express has wonderful flavor slurpees! cherry, coke, coconut, something orange and something green. I’m not a slurpee fan though, I feel like I’m drinking foam. OHHH, I need some good mexican and that salad sounds divine!

  8. I am a first time commenter on your blog. Do I get on the first time blogger throne and crown? (like Hallerin Hill show). You know Carl Jr's is the same as Hardees. Mountain Dew icees can be found at certain Weigels and Pilots (the Weigels is better and just ask me which ones in Knoxville carry this flavor, this is my only bad habit). 7-11 is in the south, by the way, just have to go a bit further to the south. My brother lives in CA and frequents the 7-11 often, but still has to have a Weigels Mt. Dew slushie when he comes home to TN. If I moved, which I never will, I would miss Krystals and Sam & Andy's, Petros, biscuits & gravy, real cornbread. White Lily blueberry muffins & of course I could NEVER live without Mayfields ice cream. There is no place like home! I'm so lucky, I will never have to miss those things; I'm stayin put. See ya'll, I'm headed to Weigels.

  9. What ya want I send it all in a box, maybe won’t be the same when it gets there, but hey, it’s the thought that counts,I am doing catch up- I love all your ward activities.. you guys shine like a rock star.

  10. Hey, I recognize that Bajio delight. Great photo you took of that great salad that you raved about… I am gonna have to try it.I hope you get some upgrades in the food department… sounds like ‘you all’ could use some new choices.ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

  11. I didn’t realize how many things I take advantage of living out here in the west. Although the closest Jack in the Box is St. George (and we always stop for tacos..yummy). I don’t think I could live with mexican food though – it’s my all time favorite. When I’m prego I CRAVE mexican food!!! I think I’ll go to Bajios for lunch tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet reminder to cherish what I have.

  12. Wow! I am so sorry! I had no idea that you were suffering so! How can you possibly live with out good ol Jack??? and Mexican food….how do you do it??? I love your letter I hope he responds.

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