Sugar-free Fruit Leather


I could not believe how easy it  was to make my own fruit leather.
Really, I know you think it will be too hard to do, but anyone can do this.
It’s three easy steps.
That’s it.
From now on I will be making my own.
It’s way healthier and a whole lot cheaper.


Step 1: Prepare your fruit. Peel. Wash. Treat with any anti-browning agent (Ball Fresh Fruit).
Caroline is modeling pears, but they could just as easily be apples, peaches, or berries.
I am not sure how bananas would do, but you could try them.


Blend your fruit together with flavors/spices.
This is all about your preference.
I used cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.
I also added in some OJ concentrate.
The sky is the limit here. Use your imagination.
You want a thick smoothie type concoction.
This amount in the blender (aprox. 4 cups) did two jelly roll size pans.
[Keep in mind how many shelves you have in your oven.]


Line a cookie sheet with a thick saran wrap.  (I used Glad Press n Seal)
[Make sure you tape down excess wrap on ends,
if it falls into the fruit puree, it won’t dry.]
Pour the fruit and smooth to 1/4″ thickness. (spatula, shake, and gently bounce)
Bake in oven at 160 degrees for approximately eight hours.
I like doing it right before I go to bed.

When it’s done, I let it cool.
Then, cut the whole leather in half vertical
(cut straight up the middle from the long side of pan)
and then each half in about 6 rolls vertically.
Roll each individual from the middle so the excess plastic wrap
on the short ends of the pan can be used to seal the roll shut.
Then I store them in a plastic ziplock/tupperware.


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