Grassy Feet

Did you hear that the way to really get air on the trampoline
is to get as much grass as possible
to stick to the bottom of your feet?
The grass gives you super powers.
You can jump over houses
and touch the top of 

Even Olive was amazed.
I’ve learned to enjoy the moment.
And then scrub the feet.


  1. John, we will most definitely have you over again real soon. We have so much more to talk about. Sorry to cut it short on you. Next time I am making pot roast and potatoes. Thanks for the oxyclean tip. I will most definitely have the opportunity to put it to the test and I will let you know. 

  2. If only there were some other kids around that had an ABES shirt. We miss you all so much. 

  3. Thanks Regina. Love summer. Love cut grass. And I love the trampoline. And of course I love my kids. 

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