Only six words

If you only had six words to describe your life what would they be? I loved Yvonne’s memoir post. I had to play along even though I wasn’t tagged. (You see everyone, this is how tags really should pressure)

A life of laughter and repentance.

Yeah, that is the best I could come up with. I guess I really am not funny and my blog will never be famous…oh well. But seriously, I do repent all of the time, and I laugh all of the time. Do you think that those have some correlation?


  1. too funny! I asked DH and my children what they would write. I still can not think of the perfect one for me, but I did find a great one for hubby! His should read::The man who knows his place. LOL! I saw him counting on his fingers and his reply for me was:One who knows a good thing! rofl, Thanks that was fun!

  2. Hey Alice, FYI… I used your southern sky photo on my blog, but gave you full props of course! It’s such a lovely picture and it fit my most current post perfectly. So, I hope you don’t mind.

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