A Southern Sky

Here was my view on the way home last Saturday evening.
This pic was taken through my windshield, so sorry for the quality.
I tried to stick my head out the window, but because we were going down the
interstate it didn’t quite work. (Don’t worry Faye, for once, I wasn’t driving.)

When I see the sun descending through the clouds like this,
I can’t help but feel the love of my Father in Heaven.
It is as if the clouds parted just so that I would take notice.

I love the lyrics from the song “Anyone Up There Who Love Me?” by an LDS artist named Michael McClean. Listen if you must.
A mother declares, while climbing the stairs, “Anyone up there who loves me?”
Her kids are outside, so no one replies, unexpectedly tears well up inside.

The last time he called, he said to them all, “Anyone up there who loves me?”
“I hate it down here, this time of the year, but I promise I’ll be home soon.”

That was a lovers promise, Heaven could not allow,
but he’s found a way to be with her somehow.

She sits on the stair, and whispers a prayer, “Anyone up there who loves me?”

Then soft like the wind, His love rushes in, gently answering I love you.



  1. Wow! Awesome! Love this picture.I sometimes have to do my photography through the windshield… I have learned by experience that if you wait a moment to pull over… the moment is gone and the colors change. Thanks for sharing. Does your camera go everywhere with you like mine does with me? My guess is, YES! toodles, Sheila, NV

  2. Beautiful words and picture. I love moments like that when everything comes together and you feel as though Heavenly Father is speaking to you. Thanks for the reminder!

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