Do I have to stop blogging and thinking?

I am sorry to Sheila. (who is my only reader who missed my post this morning) I am sorry to any of the rest of you who really did miss me but just didn’t mention it…yeah right.

Two things at our house.

First, LG had his monthly interviews with the kids last night. As we were going to bed, he told me that separately each of the girls complained of my blogging. (It is so the life of a mother to find something that you really enjoy to have it ripped from your fingers…why is it that a man can go to work all day and not be forced to feel guilty, but if I blog for 2,3, 4 hours a day, I am a horrible mother – that was said sarcastically – I know my blogging has been out of control, but it isn’t as if I entirely ignore the kids) I know I need to find a blogging balance in my life. I do not plan to give up completely, I will just try to blog when no one is watching. HA!

Second, we are awaiting the second round of bar results that will be out this Friday. Things are a little hectic at our house at the moment. Even though we try to forget about it, it seems we are counting down every second.

So in honor of hopeful positive bar results, here is a link to a great news story. When and if LG ever gets a job beyond legal clerk, it will be nice to know that he can sue his boss, and not be fired for doing so. HA HA!



  1. Hey, I did miss you, and yes, I feel the same. I need a dedicated blogging day free of sports and cleaning, etc. Not going to happen my friend!The best to LG!!!

  2. So sorry just got back…leave it to me to complain about no post…and then leave my station and not be there to read it. Kids, esp. little girls will always want any extra attention you can give them, if they don’t get it… they might complain to Daddy. I think you ‘hit the nail on the head’ when you used the word BALANCE. I myself so caught up in blogging that I lose track of time and I know I need to BALANCE the ‘blog-world’ with the ‘real world’. (for me, I am an empty nester…so the BIG KID feeling neglected at my house is my hubby, But don’t deprive yourself either. If blogging is your way to escape while learning, researching, writing, having adult conversation.Then take the [ME] time. You will be a better Mother for it… not a worse one. I am sure you can do both very effectively. toodles- Sheila

  3. I am with you on needing balance with my blogging time. I love doing it and spend tons of time reading and writing posts (that often get deleted because they aren’t “quite right”). I was pretty good for a while just limiting myself to blogging during their nap time but I have slowly been doing more and more at other times as well. Good luck to us on the blogging balance and especially good luck to LG on his bar results.

  4. My husband just made a funny… I was reading him your blog post and it came to the part where you wrote…I will just try to blog when no one is watching. and my husband bursts into hysterical laughter and says… oh she is gonna be up all night blogging like you huh?he says I couldn’t say anything…but the expression was guilty as charged.In my defense…part of my late hours has to do with his shiftwork… I don’t sleep as well when he is on nightshift…that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.toodles,Sheila

  5. First of all–lots of luck with the “blogging while no one is looking”. Good luck to your hubby on the bar results. That has got to be such a stressful time. You’ll find the balance–I know you will.

  6. Let us know what you hear on Friday!And yes — you are so correct — it really does seem that moms are not allowed to have time to do things they enjoy. Someone will always complain. I guess you should take that to mean the girls love having you to themselves — which is a nice thing, right??Keep on blogging girl — we would all miss you if you quit!

  7. Alice, I have been crazy busy too. I have stayed off of blogging for a few days because the fam is sick of being in pictures, are irritated that I make them wait for their dinner until I photograph it, for the recipe blog, and life is just moving too fast for me to journal it. Sad, sad. I give myself an hour and a half. To check on everyone and time to blog something about myself. My time is when everyone is to bed. I give my best to my family. They have clean clothes to wear, food to eat, chaufered, and loved and after we gather in prayer and the words AMEN are uttered. The time is MINE! I need to sneak time in my schedule for exercising. I am revamping my daily routine and our monthly schedule. It will come in effect on Monday.

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