A Note from Ms. Nitz

I have blogged before about Sophia trying to outgrow her shyness.

A while back, I sent a note into Sophia’s teacher to inquire about any areas we could help Sophia improve upon. We had gotten her report card and it said she could work on something to do with language skills.

Here is the note that Ms. Nitz sent back home.

We have talked with Ms. Nitz before about Sophia fitting in socially and Ms. Nitz always tells us that she trys to pay extra attention to kids like Sophia. Ms. Nitz has said, “When children are so delightful and quiet they can easily be forgotten about.”

So, you can imagine my quandry when she sent this note home. Was she serious? Or was she just trying to play with us on Sophia’s quiet and less than excited personality?

I have confused some readers here already, so let me write a little more. Ms. Nitz was serious, Sophia needed to learn how to recognize the word shouted in her book and how the exclamation point is used. Ms. Nitz was not in a “round about” way trying to tell us that Sophia needed to learn how to shout or get excited. When I tend to try and find humor in everything I confuse myself a lot of the time. I was confused over this note until my hubby explained it to me, and I am sorry for not being more concise with the original story.



  1. The first time I read it I was totally thinking she meant she just needs to speak up more often. Then I remembered that “shouted” is one of Ben’s sight words. Too funny, I wonder if she realized how confusing her note was.

  2. that is so funny! Of course she had to catch the double meaning – how could miss it?i was thinking just today about how I probably am more shy than I realize. I don’t really like big groups and especially not if I have to be in front of them. Some of us never outgrow shyness, I guess!

  3. and by the way, I have to apologize for being so absent in the blogging world. I get so sucked in!! And besides, I was on vacation at grandma’s house. That’s the bigger reason. I still love your blog.

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