Rear View Mirror

While on the road to pick up Sophia from school today, I noticed that Bella has picked up my love for rock and roll. It is hard to tell from the video, but she is a head boppin’ fool. (I have to apologize to my mother in law here who hates it when I drive and operate anything other than the car at the same time) Bella’s rock out session was much better before she realized that I was trying to catch her in the act. I resorted to videoing her through the rear view window so she would act naturally. I think that she still kind of knew what I was doing because she isn’t half as zealous as before in this video. When I got done and put my camera in my purse Bella said, “Mommy are you going to put me on your blog?” She didn’t want me to, but I hope she’ll forgive me someday. She is kind of blog shy.

I am always happy when I can catch something entertaining while driving in my car. Have you noticed my new K-town label. K-town is label for the things I see around Knoxville; it’s amazing the things you notice from your car when looking for blog photos. (usually while driving in the car – because you all know that I am in my car a good two hours every day) So, I was trying to figure out how I was going to come up with an excuse to post this cute blurb of Bella. I don’t want this to my “kid” blog. I don’t like reading other people’s blog when all they blog about is their children. (I do like to read about their children, just not ALL the time)

Sheila, my new blogging friend, just gave me the best excuse ever, to post my rear view mirror catch. WOW! I only had to wait three hourse to find a good reason to justify posting about my children again. Anyway, read Sheila’s post with a rear view mirror analogy. I loved it. It is good advice for all of us who need to learn to let go of our mistakes.



  1. It’s always interesting to see what music kids like. When I was a teenager, my brother Sam and I were always trying to get the younger boys interested in good music. I distinctly recall sitting in my gold 1980 Dodge Colt station wagon playing < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Are You Gonna Go My Way<> for my youngest brother, David, and being disappointed that he didn’t really get into it. He still doesn’t really like Lenny Kravitz.

  2. I am always doing other things while ‘operating a moving vehicle’ Rubbing in lotion while driving to church…or putting on my lips…I once ate a KFC dinner(in the plate, potatoes, gravy, the works) on the way home from work. It drives my hubby crazy. I have never tried making a video, great job with your cinematography skills. Kids love music…from the time they are babies they love to bop. Bella is so cute. Thanks for the ‘shout out’. I hope my e.mail response didn’t scare you off. toodles- Sheila

  3. I loved that rear view post you linked to. And I love that your daughter was rocking out! My kids tolerate my music, but they haven’t seen the light as of yet, but I keep trying. PS If I ever come to k-vill I am totally going to have to find out what you drive so I can be on the look out 😉 Filming while driving you are crazy lady!

  4. She is so cute. And I do have to say that was pretty good footage to be driving and catching that at the same time. You posted abour being the worlds best blogger, but I think you just might be the worlds best multitasker!

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