Murphy’s Law

A real life friend Karen Wynn just found my blog, but better yet, she has her own blog! YEAH! How is this for a cute blog name: A Wynn Wynn situation.

Read here, if you want to see how the infamous Murphy of Murphy’s law has a way with timing.


  1. I really do enjoy your blog. I stumbled upon it… and now it is part of my ‘blogs I visit everyday’By the way, I am Sheila,NV and I also like the Calico blog that I found linked to yours…too cool, I love bags! She is crafty talented isn’t she? Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of enjoying your blog. toodles-Sheila

  2. I love that name for a blog — a wynn wynn situation — how clever!I enjoyed her Murphy’s Law post — I’ll have to leave her a comment.

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