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Here is my response to The Wall Street Journal Article. I actually used to read her, but I could not stand her foul mouth and her hatred towards Mormons. I quit reading when she started messing with my emotions, not that she noticed me missing. I think I even sent her an e-mail once years ago, not to have it answered. Not that she cared about not responding. Read this article, the woman is making bank!

My only solace comes in knowing that my hubby will soon make plenty of money and so I don’t need to make money on my blog. I also have to repeatedly remind myself that my blog is for me…I don’t think I would ever sell out to advertisers. (not that I plan on being given that chance) I just would never want advertisers to rule my life. Selling out to advertisers is the blogging equivalent to bad politics. (But, I reserve the right to change my mind about that if I ever make it BIG!)

I do not like
I hate it when she throws the bomb.

She does not make me feel calm,
more like a bad night at a prom.

I do not like
Even though they says she’s worthy of a sitcom.

I wish her blog would die in Guam.
Hanging people out to dry, she has no qualm.

Mormon hater, she writes our psalm.
Yet, she’s the most money making blogging mom.

I do not like,
But I would like to be like
But, just a blogging version of becalm.

So, now that you know how I feel about Dooce, I will tell you that I only include one of the Top10 blogging parents on my list: Scribbit And, I gladly link her for you, but I refuse to link – Don’t worry none of you would like it anyway. I am probably the raciest blogger you read, and trust me when I say that hers is SO much worse. I do plan to check out the rest of the Top 10. I will let you know what I think.



  1. Wow- she’s a cranky little mother. As my friend and I like to say in our best mophia accent’ “She’s dead to me now” accompanied by an exaggerated spit. So be it.I’ll catch your blog when we get back from Cali!!

  2. I’ve never read but I won’t be with that glowing recommendation :). I do read Design Mom. And I am pretty sure that she is Mormon, at least she went to BYU for college. You should also check her out because she has a sweeeet giveaway right now.

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