Skipping Christmas


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Call me Scrooge, but I hate putting up the Christmas tree. Yes, of course, I am always happy when it is done and we are greeted by twinking lights in our living room for a whole month! (two, if I never get around to taking it down in January) But, c’mon what sadistic Martha Stewart came up with the tradition of putting away every knick knack in your house just to unload 6 huge boxes of junk. Is this really a necessary part of enjoying the holidays?

One of these days I will get the courage up to skip Christmas as I read about in John Grisham’s book.

Here is a picture of LG enjoying his Thanksgiving holiday. I am not trying to make him feel bad; I really am glad that he was enjoying some down time.

But, shouldn’t we all be able to enjoy our holidays, regardless of our gender?

We need an ACLU Christmas. We need to keep all of our National Holidays, yet, the week after we celebrate, we should have the ACLU version where the men do all the work that the women usually handle and the women act like the men (ie. sitting on the couch reading a book, playing football with our friends, watching sports on TV)

Think about it. Who does the work? We’ll start with Easter for the pure delight of making a point. Who buys the candy, who shops for those cute Easter outfits? Who makes sure that they get up at the crack of dawn to stage the fact that the Easter Bunny has visited (Abigail does read my blog now and so I have to be careful what I say here – I know she doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny any more)

Next holiday – July 4th – Who buys and prepares the food and plans the outing? Really, all the men have to do is set off the fireworks..and is that really work?

Halloween – Who buys the candy, who tries to keep everyone from consuming the candy when you bought it the week earlier? Who makes the costumes? Who runs around like a mad woman on 10/31 making sure that all the preparations are accomplished for trick or treating, including the dinner, and making sure that you can somewhat tell what the kids are dressed up as, even under their coats?

Thanksgiving – who combs all the adds looking for the cheapest turkey? Who bakes the pies and the rolls and the, do you really want me to finish the food list? Who has to clean the house like a turkey with her head cut off to accomidate all the company? And, who is that actually sets that darn table? If all of that isn’t enough. Now, in American culture, we are expected to get up at the crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving to make sure we get the best deals for the next holiday coming up.

and Christmas … I don’t think I have to explain the thought process.

I think I would really be willing to give up the two Woman holidays of the year (Valentine’s and Mother’s Day) to eliminate all the other holiday work throughout the year.

I know, I know, I am a whiner. It’s all about the memories we are making. I can’t help it that I prefer to make memories without working myself like a horse.

Not that you care, but I really wanted to add a picture of me in here of decorating the tree last night. Guess why I didn’t? I spared you the trauma of staring at my big fat bum. Every picture that was taken I was leaning over and picking something up, moving furniture, or plugging something in. Yep, you got it….working.

And were you wondering what LG was doing through all of the Christmas festivities – you got it – not working – unless you consider taking my picture work – which come to think of it – maybe he was working – staring at my bum really can’t be considered enjoyable. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Oh, and I just added the bonus picture of Kitty Bear. I think she may feel like I do about this whole tree nonsense. Check her out; she’s staring it down.



  1. Hey scrooge, the girls are SO big!!! Oh my gosh!! I’m just messing with you about being scrooge. I am just at a different point where it’s super exciting so I couldn’t wait to get up all the stuff because Carson LOVES the lights and decorations.

  2. Oh, we are one in the same mindset. That video I posted did help my spirits, but I have yet to put up my Christmas tree and decorations. Last year, I didn’t do it until the 20th because I found out that day we’d have company for Christmas. So wish me luck that I’ll do the work this weekend. We get the “bonus” tonight so the Christmas work can begin.

  3. Alice if you start the petition for the ACLU holiday for women — I’ll sign it!! You go girl! 🙂 Men have no idea how exhausting the holidays are for us — I feel the same way about traveling. It completely stresses me out when we travel because nobody else has to worry about anything but ME! Frustrating…but the life of a mom/wife I guess!Love the fun pictures — Kitty Bear included!

  4. Couldn’t agree more about the lack of pictures of mom. When putting up our decorations I saw dad get the memory card to put in the camera- I got all excited (thinking he was act. going to take some pictures of Aden & I putting up everything). I was wrong- he was just putting it away. My bubble got burst fairly quickly. Of course, after saying something he took 3 whole pictures 1 of which I might share with others. Anyhow… great costume! I bet Abigail loves having a fashion designer as a mom.

  5. I am feeling the same sort of exhaustion this year – tons of projects, not enough time or energy to enjoy the process. like maybe I dream of a Christmas where I don’t handmake any gift, big or small. then i can make cookies with the kids and read christmas stories with them every day. it’s not real, but it’s a nice dream!

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