Daddy’s Girl #4

Who needs this?

When you’ve got this?

We shouldn’t be surprised,
but we thought it would be a boy for sure this time.

It’s not.
And he’s good with it.


  1. Yay! Another beautiful Gold girl! At least you won’t have to spend money on new clothes, but you probably will need to add on a new bathroom before they become teenagers.

  2. ok now everyone needs 5 before they get a boy… Rules, can’t break rules..1 more girl and your thereYOu have gorgeous girls, and you would have had a odd ball out, so now they will have a good buddy system..

  3. congrats alice and fam! that’s great. mom and dad know how you feel. lots of hormones around but we are all best friends. and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. Yeah a girl!! ..though…maybe its just a very shy boy…you might be surprised! Those ultrasounds can be a little deceiving…. 😛 But a #4 girl will be gorgeous! (I finally discovered your blog again! lol)

  5. That great!!! Girls are wonderful and your girls are so beautiful, this one will certainly fit right in. Congratulations, Alice.Hope you’re feeling well!

  6. It sounds like we need to swap recipes – oh wait did I say that out loud??? She will be a cutie, no doubt about that. Keep us posted on how you are doing and when is she expected to arrive again?

  7. congratulations!and what a stud your husband is.literally, i guess. 🙂girls are great, a bit hormonal and emotional as they age, but fun.i have 5 and one boy.can’t wait to hear the name you choose!

  8. congrats…there can never be enough sweet little girls in this world! I spare you the panic I felt having a boy as #4 after 3 girls…it takes awhile to figure out the boy thing…but girls are easy after you are a pro at it!

  9. I’m late on reading your post, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!You and LG have beautiful girls and you’re pretty darn good at raising some pretty sweet ones- why switch it up, right?! All the best to you in the remainder of your pregnancy.

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