The Golden Girls…

….we look as unlike a famous Rock Band since The Chipmunks.
But hey, if they can do it, so can we.
We absolutely cannot resist the chance to play a little Rock Band when we see it set up at Sams.
It does not matter how much shopping we have on our list or how close it is to bedtime.
We just know that those Sam’s Club employees set that equipment up for us.
We would not want to disappoint.

If only we could afford to bring one home.

But, of course, if we bought the game Rock Band,

we would then have to add a Nintendo 360,
and then we would need the big screen TV,

and then after we got it set up,

but before we could play,
we we would have to go back down to Sams
and get some onlookers to come home with us.
You just can’t be a Rock Band without some groupies.
(this is starting to sound like the book: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie)

And, everyone would come from far far away to see the Gold’s play.
They would not be able to resist our talent or our charm.

And, I don’t care if the game thinks that we are failures.
We all know that these electronic games come with programming glitches.


  1. You guys looked like you were having so much fun. I am totally aware of Guitar Hero… but there is a whole Rock Band game, huh? I definitely agree that you would need the whole package (game, nintendo, big screen) and I may just lose my ‘bloggy buddy’ to my son and the world of ‘game geeks’.toodles, Sheila

  2. roflrofl, I could have written this entire post! We too, love Sam’s for this very reason, well that and the samplers! I hear ya on the computer glitches. I am SURE that is what it is!

  3. I was so thinking If you give a mouse a cookie as I read it! We have never played this at Sam’s club apparently we are missing out!

  4. I would be a groupie…I bet I could find a few more for you too, without resorting to strangers from Sam’s….I would also buy your CD in a heartbeat! 🙂You girls are too much fun! 🙂

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