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Here are some pictures of the Fruity Pebbles that the kids left behind on the carpet after Saturday morning cartoons. For those of you that are unschooled in the fine art of cereal, Fruity Pebbles are some of the smallest pieces of cereal that one can buy. For that reason, I guess I can’t be too angry that the girls spilled a few. Besides, all it takes is a vacuum to clean this one up. That is nothing compared to a lot of the other things that I clean up around here (like 1 cup of hot cocoa that toppled all over my pile of clean dishes this morning – I have a hard time with my coordination early in the morning)

So, do you read the box of cereal while eating in the morning? I used to, but rarely take the time anymore. This probably has to do with the fact that I rarely eat cereal, much less the stuff that actually has interesting packaging. What a sad part of growing older: we have to pay more attention to the Nutrition Guide than the free crossword puzzle, not to mention the good toy you sometimes find inside the box. Have you noticed that they have a lot fewer toys in cereal boxes than they used to?

I made a new blogging friend, thanks to LG’s cousin Missy. Her last post talked about only having shredded wheat cereal while she was growing up. It made me laugh. I could totally relate. I grew up, like my new friend, poor. We would occasionally get the good cereal, but mostly we just had the yucky stuff too. You know: Cheerios, shredded wheat, and the part that I thought was so funny: puffed wheat. Who eats that stuff? You can’t even buy it in the box. You have to purchase puffed wheat in all its glory – packaged in one of those budget saving bags.

I commented on my friends blog that I really thought it was awesome when my mom occasionally upgraded to the Sugar Coated Puffed Wheat. I guess that my past cereal experience explains my need to keep good and tasty cereals in my cupboard. Seriously, I have at least 10 kinds of cereal at all times. I really need cereal therapy. I remember being horrified when some family told me that every Christmas the mother let her kids pick out their favorite sugar cereal. C’mon, do you really think a child can make their favorite cereal last for a whole year. At my house growing up my brothers would have eaten it all before I ever got back for my second bowl. I guess we have Christmas here every Saturday. Saturdays were made for sugar cereal, don’t you think?

I love to feed my kids cereal. One of the only things I enjoy about LG being out of town is that I don’t have to cook. If he is gone for a week at a time, you bet your bottom dollar that we will be eating cereal at least 5 times, 2 of those being as a replacement for dinner.

So what am I trying to do with this entry? I am not totally sure. I am mostly just rambling and I am sure that this won’t make you laugh. But maybe if you slow down some Saturday and take some time to have some sugar cereal and read the box, that might make you laugh. Especially if you do it in your underwear like my brother David always did when we were growing up. That’s no joke. Every Saturday, I would wake up to David sitting two feet from the TV, wearing underwear only, wrapped in a blanket, with a gallon of milk, a box of cereal and the biggest bowl and spoon he could find. I guess he read the box during the commercials.

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  1. Oh cold cereal… the child and man food. I rarely eat it anymore either. Nestle instant breakfast is my good buddy in the mornings. Takes no effort to get a full belly with that stuff.I love this post… much like your other ones, I always ask myself why I didn’t blog about that same thing. Your thought processes seem so similar to mine. Where did the prizes go in cereals? Those particular sibling rivalries will always be great childhood memories.

  2. We are a big cold cereal family too. Thanks to Todd – he would opt for cereal instead of a “real” dinner every night of the week if I let him. And he usually finishes off his day with a big bowl of cereal before bed…it always makes me laugh. The one cereal that I have banned from the house is Fruity Pebbles – I HATE cleaning it up! It gets everywhere and if you just dump your bowl in the sink (which the boys always do) and don’t rinse every single pebble down the drain it sticks like concrete to the sink and you have to scour it out. Todd breaks the rule sometimes and brings it home and Tayson calls it the “messy cereal” because he knows how I feel about it. 🙂

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