Santa Claus is Coming To Town




SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN. So, bring on a mother’s work. Here I am trying not to cry yesterday while I was head to toe in elf costume. I really wanted Santa to keep me on his nice list, so I tried really hard to stay happy. I won’t dare pout beyond what I have already done in my last entry. Didn’t my little elf turn out cute?

The list of things I used from around the house to make this costume include but are not limited to: packing tape, electrical tape, thread, needle, ribbon, newspaper, wire, pom poms, leatherman, feathery boa stuff, a Santa belt, a dress from younger sister, handed down boots (passed down just in time from cousin Kearan), and last but certainly not least – an old hat that I made in High School to go with some pj’s from a Christmas pajama party dance.

The inspiration for the costume of the year came from google and the cover of one of our favorite movies, Elf. We watch this movie all year; it is so funny and pretty wholesome. (it is hard to find both innocence and humor in the same world) The only two items I ended up buying for the costume were the elf ears, which are not included in this picture, and the white tights, which Abigail needed for church anyway. Pretty good huh?

Do you think I redeemed myself from last year? Here is Abigail’s sparrow costume from her last year’s performance.

I know, I know, what was I thinking? The poor girl had to sqwack around on stage like this. The best compliment of the night came from one of Abigail’s best friend’s father. Ryan’s dad, Matt, has a pretty good sense of humor. He said, “Abigail you were the best tropical sparrow I have ever seen.” SO FUNNY!


  1. Bravo! A wonderful and cute elf!! The sparrow had its certain charm as well…I can’t belive the school makes you make her a costume anyway. I didn’t think schools did that anymore. The Turkey Trot turkey costumes they made in class, 2nd grade musical required only jeans and a white shirt. I would complain to the PTO president…

  2. It looks great! I bet she was so excited. That is what real mom work is. Forget all the other stuff, to put together a costume is talent! Especially when you can tell what they are. Good job!

  3. Love the elf costume — what a cutie Miss Abigail is! I am sewing impaired, so my kids would be in big trouble if I attempted to sew something for them!I told Matt you quoted him on your blog and he said…”Uh oh!!” LOL

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