2012 plus announcement

Man, 2011 was a great year for me.

I just got a job at  private alternative school that I am way excited about.
I am signing up to run a 5k tomorrow after I’ve trained diligently for 6 weeks.
My marriage is better than ever. (Trust me there were times that were really tough).
I have been reading my scriptures and saying my prayers consistently (almost daily).
I reached and surpassed my reading goal of 50 books.
I have been paid for book reviews this year.
Most of all, I have felt God’s hand in my life.

I hate to sound all braggy, it’s not really my style, but this year has been awesome for me, and I want to say thanks to all of you who have helped me in little and big ways. I really really deserved a good year. I’ve been through some really rough times over the past decade. Yes, decade.

2012 is looking like it will be even better.

The first thing you need to know is I started a new blog.
Come over and check it out.
I am super excited about the new challenge.


My goals this year are:


1. Read scrips every day.
2. Do good every day.
3. Be quiet.


1. Run four 5k’s. (keep 3x wk)
2. Read 54 books.
3. Weigh 180 or under.
4. Attend temple monthly.
5. Plan a family camping experience.
7. Dailies. (scripture study, prayer, service)
8. Be still and quiet.
9. Go back to college.
10. Stay under budget.
11. Go to bed & wake up w LG.
12. Show love and compassion.
13. Bond with the girls.

How about you? What are your goals?


  1. Man, those are good goals. I'm still trying to get real about mine. I always make a lofty list of 10 million things and fail at all of them. My goal this year is to actually accomplish my goals!! Well, right now it's to narrow it down and make some.

    Four 5k's?! You're awesome. I wish you were here to motivate me.

    Love you Alice! I'm off to check out your new blog.

  2. My prayers were good this year. I've discovered praying and running are good companions. Scripture reading is the big one for me this year.

  3. Going to bed together is one of mine and Kyle's goals, too. We realized how much better we liked it over the holidays and decided to try and do it more often. He's usually a night owl and I go to bed early.

  4. My goals for 2012:
    1. Lose weight/daily exercise
    2. Read my children Bible stories daily
    3. Learn to paint
    4. Get my CNA to determine if I really do want to be a nurse
    5. Be content with a messy house

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