LeGrand’s the man

…yep, he really is the man.
And should I mention that he’s been quite lonely lately.
If any of you have been feeling lonely too, this link is just for you.
(Thanks for the laughs Kristen. I just love ya.)
And if you can’t relate, or even think that this is at least 50% true,
you have no business being my friend,
or you just aren’t pregnant enough.
I will feel better any day.
It’s the 12 week mark.
Hopefully, I will find some blog time,
just as soon as I get my house back in order.


  1. I don’t get razzed if I tag you and you are not the tag type. I already knew you were quirky like me. Ü Thanks for the belated comments… thank heavens that comments older than 3 days mean I get notified for moderation otherwise I might have missed yours. I hope you get feeling better soon… the prego sick feeling is one I don’t like at all.I will e.mail soon. (That is if you even e.mail ÜToOdLeS.ShEiLa

  2. When I hear about your morning sickness I count my blessings that I don’t have to ever be pregnant again. Of course it’s worth it EVERY time, but all the times I’ve spent over a toilet were miserable! I REALLY hope you’re almost done with that part and can start to enjoy the little kicks that should start coming soon! Hope you guys are doing great; I’ll have to get your address soon so I can send you guys a Christmas card. Hey, will you tell LeGrand hi! for me? Thanks

  3. Oh so glad that you have hit that 12 week mark! It’ll get better soon. I think around the 14/15 week mark, for me anyway. I just had the yucky tiredness that never went away. So sorry that you have been so sick.

  4. ummmm WOW. I didn’t know you had a bun in the oven….OMG, I just said bun in the oven. I am so laughing at my own lameness….Congratulations!ps, i have names left over and Adrian won’t let me have any more kids so if you have any trouble, just let me know :o)

  5. Sympathies from this formerly-pregnant person, too. Egads. Yes, it’s worth it, but darned if you want to keep being told that when you are in the MIDST! 12 weeks is good, though. Hurray! You should have some better days very soon.

  6. you ARE still alive, right? just knowing what you’re going through right now is enough birth control for me 🙂 hope it ends REAL soon b/c I need me some alice-funnies. 🙂 but look at the bright side-what an awesome bonding moment for you and your sister! hehe

  7. scares? I think you got the wrong famili.. I wouldn’t trade my life for a million dollars.. ok my life yes, but family no…YOu do have a great relationship woman… HOw else did that baby get in there!!!

  8. Just dropping by to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that eveyrone is feeling much better now.

  9. Just noticed my typo…”everyone”, is what I meant — had to make sure I corrected it in case Abigail saw it and was forced to correct me! 😉

  10. Hey, you are so lucky you’re ill! I seriously considered looking you up and popping by to meet while we were on vacation out east a few weeks ago, but decided to not freak you out while you’re with child!… but next time;)

  11. Ha, Mr. incredible heard this song oh a few years back and came home telling me I just had to hear it! Yep, He’s the man! I love that he knows it. Thanks for bringing back a memory.

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