Does my man hate Mitt?

I bumped this post from 1/29 for my instapundit readers! – Thanks for the link, Mr. Reynolds.

Here is the stuff that I want from the Romney shop.

LG thinks that I am on some silly kick. I have been on the internet for a good part of the evening, joining Team Mitt, reading about the election, and sending a mass e-mail to all of my friends. I even gave a monetary donation to the campaign earlier. Surprisingly, LG isn’t as mad about the monetary donation (only because it was so small) as he is about the e-mail that I sent to his in box (just like I did for all of my gmail contacts) from The Mitt Romney page. He called me a spammer. He told me that I would get some backlash for sending out politically charged info. to EVERYONE in my outbox. I can’t wait to see what happens. I anticipate some drama people.

LG also warned me that if I kept talking about religion and politics so much I was going to lose all my blog readers. Well, as always, I do listen and process whatever LG tells me. And, right now, here on my blog, I want to tell LG that I love him and know that he is (sometimes) right. I don’t respect many people’s opinions more than I do LG’s.

But tonight, I respect Mitt Romney a whole lot! (not necessarily more than LG, but let’s just say that I don’t think I will ever have reason to campaign for LG to be the President of the United States.) This is not just some kick of mine. (I will admit that I tend to get obsessive about stuff sometimes) I take my blog seriously, and I am using it just this once to talk about something that I think is important. I didn’t just get on You Tube and watch the Romney Girl and get on some kick. I have been reading and researching for a week and I just want to share what I have concluded. My conclusion may not matter to any of you, but I am telling you anyway: Mitt is the man for change in America. I am sad that Mitt has lost the Florida primary, but hopeful that he will still prevail. We need Mitt so that we can stomp on Hillary Clinton. (How can anyone in this country vote for another Clinton to hold such a sacred office….didn’t Bill sacrilige it enough already?)

I am not afraid to blog about what I want, but I want you to all thank LG that I will try and contain my Mitt kick to my door to door Mitt knocking and not to my blog from here on out. Just in case you wondered, LG also supports Romney, but he isn’t the type to get in your face. Of course, you all know that opposites attract.

And, the main reason for this blog….LG, this is the stuff that I want for Valentine’s Day. As I have said before, I love the wishlist aspect of the blog. You can buy me the magnet bumper sticker (not the sticky one) the yard sign, and the buttons. And if you really want to splurge, I love this hoodie. And, once again, just so you all know, this is not a kick. I am serious. I am in for the long haul…all the way to The White House!



  1. You can blog about politics and religion to your heart’s content, as well as anything else that strikes your fancy. It doesn’t drive blog readers away, believe me.I have a separate distribution group in my email for the political emails, which I send out all the time. I originally created the list and told everyone that if they didn’t want any political emails to let me know and I’d take them off. Only one took me up on that. I have close to 500 on that list now. So just do something like that and you’ll be fine.Go Mitt! Stupid Floridians!

  2. WE totally support Mitt and I’m so glad to hear others that do as well. My husband wanted so bad to do some Mitt calling and he is SO like you! I love your enthusiasm. I’m a bit more like your husband, but I do appreciate being involved- Go Mitt!!!

  3. Its hard because people want to accuse us of liking him soley because he is “mormon” which is not the case, for me atleast to be honest; I actually like Fred Thompson the most; but he is gone so now I truly think Mitt is the best choice, not just because he is mormon, thats just a great bonus to the whole thing!

  4. Adrienne and Loralee told me to visit your blog – love it! And it is fun to find others you know with blogs and check in on them!adrienne and loralee’s mom – still in Carlsbad – but living in the southern tip!

  5. A big Hello to Sis. Packard! I am so happy to hear from you.Why don’t you start a blog so I can come and leave you comments? And, it is fun to blog, and it is really cool because you can count it as family history!!

  6. On my birthday blog I was going to post on it: What I want for my birthday is for Mitt Romney to win Florida.I didn’t though because my day was going so badly that I thought if I wrote that, I’d jinx him. Oh well.He’ll get super Tuesday though. America is smart.

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