"I laugh in the face of death" – Who said that?

So, here is a conversation between President Gordon B. Hinckley and Larry King (Live) from 2004:

KING: What happens when you die?
HINCKLEY: When you die? Well, I’m not
fully conversant with that. I haven’t passed through that yet.
KING: Well,
call me. Knowing you, I’ll be there and I’ll call you.
But you do believe that something happens.
HINCKLEY: Oh, of course we do. But
we believe that death is a part of an eternal journey, that we lived as spirit
children of our father before we came into this life.That we’re here in
mortality as a part of an eternal living, and that we will go on living after
this life, purposefully. And that through the redemption of the Lord Jesus
Christ, men will be resurrected. There will come a time of resurrection.And
those who walk in obedience may go on to exaltation.

So, because President Hinckley can have a sense of humor when it comes to a serious subject like physical death, I thought it would be fun to post what happened in primary just today. Maybe the kids have a better understanding of this then we thought.

A teacher was trying to teach the Plan of Salvation. She had explained that we lived with God as spirits before we came to earth. Then, she explained we came to earth to get a body and be tested. Then she talked about how we would die and then be judged. She then started asking the kids leading questions which led to this:

T: What are we here on earth for? K: No answer.
T: What are we supposed to be doing while we are here? K:No answer.
T: What do we need to do on earth?

The answer came loud and clear from a little one sitting behind me: DIE!

Laughter was had by all the adults…I guess the little guy was right in a round about way. We do need to die if we want to go back to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And, yes, now President Hinckley will be there too. Man, I hope we all make it.



  1. Isn’t that the truth! Kids are the best! My father, who I lose last March, always said we have things backwards. He said we should mourn birth and celebrate death. Mourn because we’ve come from our heavenly home for a season, celebrate because we’re going back. I differ with my sweet father a little. Celebrate when you’re born, celebrate when you die.

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