December’s Writing Contest

As you all know, I like to have a contest every month. I want to engage you all, my wonderful readers.
Last month, the contest was easy, all you had to do was leave me a comment to win a half-tee.
This morning Lori Cruze was chosen as #5 on She is going to be sooo excited.
Congrats Lori. Thanks for being a reader and a friend. 
Now, when are you going to give me something free? Huh?
This month I am going to do something a little different. I guess your chances of winning will be pretty high because I don’t expect too many people to participate.

I’m hosting a writing contest.
I used to love Scribbit’s writing contests
before Michelle went a-wall.
I even got an honorable mention once.
It was one of my most proud moments.

Anyhow, I have always loved sappy Christmas stories.
I know that the stories are everywhere and everyone has their own that should be told.
So now it’s your chance.
Write down your story,
post it somewhere online, 
and leave me a comment on this post
with your name and story url.
The contest will end on December 20th
and I will announce the winner
shortly before or after Christmas.
It depends on my wrapping situation.
I will get a friend to help me choose the winner.
The amount of tears shed while reading your story
will determine the winner.
Trust me, this won’t be hard,
I cry at everything
and I will choose an equally emotional friend
to help me pick the winner.
If you win,
you will be sent our own copy of my favorite Christmas story
You will also have some mean bragging rights.
Like I will stick the word WINNER
on the above jpeg
and you can post it on your blog.
Let me take this moment to thank all those who made my own Christmas stories possible.
You forever live in our hearts.
I hope this year will be our year to start
paying it forward.
And I thank God for that.


  1. Just sent you an email! I can't believe I'm the winner, you definitely deserve something free…keep your eyes peeled for some easter grass coming your way!

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