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KittyBear has been consuming my energy.
She’s been missing for five days.
She is our beloved cat of seven years.
I’ve blogged about her before
I had to go to the pound yesterday 
to see if she was there.
Don’t go to the pound.
It’s not all fun and happy like
Hotel for Dogs
Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
It’s sad and depressing
and will make an animal hoarder
out of the most sane of people.
Last night I sincerely had to hand
KB over to God.
I could feel myself
getting more and more depressed.
If I let my thinking fester
I may end up in bed for months.
So, I just said,
“God, I am giving KB to you now.”
You would be amazed at how fast
doing that works in any given situation.
I know you are all gonna think
I am totally whacky.
Who gets that upset over a cat?
Well, I do.
That’s who.
I won’t even go into my
conspiracy theories
of my serial killing neighbor.
God has a way of putting things into perspective.
I got a facebook message10 minutues ago
and someone’s teenage daughter
has been missing from my city
for the same exact amount of time
that our KittyBear has been gone?
Do you think they
could have run off together?
Don’t tell me otherwise, please.
That is my happy place.
A lonely teenage girl and KB 
snuggled together in a boxcar somewhere.
Don’t forget that tomorrow is your last day to win a free half-tee!


  1. post an ad on KSL in the lost/found pet section. The kennels check them throughout the day and will let you know if a cat that fits your description was found or brought in.

  2. So sad! I am REALLY attached to my cat. He is a wonderful, little companion. If anything happened to him, I would be way more than a little upset.
    Yes. The pound is very depressing. I went there once to just “look” around, and I ended up coming home with my dog. He is way more trouble than he is worth, but I am not willing to give him up. I hope your cat comes home soon.

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