Cally brought over mom’s prize today.
It’s cute and it’s great to have it, but I want to share it with Abigail and Sophia.

Mom: Bella, what do you want to say about these people?
Bella: I want to call them John, Jake….Mom, I can’t think of any good names!
Mom: It’s o.k. (waiting, waiting, waiting)
Bella: Dillia, Wanda, Speranza. A boy named Sean and one named Jack.
Mom: Do you have a name for the last girl?
Bella: I can name it whatever I want, but I don’t have any idea.
Mom: Maybe blogging isn’t so bad now, huh?
Bella: (can’t hear me the first three times because she has dad’s headphones hooked up to Sesame Street) “Yeah”, distracted and uninterested.


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