DIY Angry Birds – just in time for Christmas

All credit for this amazing idea goes to my amazing friend
When her and her husband posted this idea on facebook
I just knew I had to share it with the cyber world.
The picture pretty much tells you all you need to know,
but for those of you like me who want more details,
come back for when I hear back from Stori
as to what she used to draw on the store-bought bouncy balls.
I am guessing she used paint or sharpies.
What’s your guess?
Stori’s answer
I used a little bit of everything, sharpies, paint & even a little green nailpolish(which i already had) on the pigs noses to give them a little depth. lol I got my paint at lowed they have in any color for around 2.97
Easiest and coolest
and quite possibly the cheapest
Christmas gift for the season.
It will be perfect to give to your kids on Christmas morning
when you have a million assorted cardboard boxes
to put to good use.

Thanks Stori for having a brilliant mind.
And for being an awesome friend
and letting me be the one to crack the story on my
little personal blog.
I think I am going to get millions of hits this month.


  1. This is awesome… and innovative. I imagine that it would be hours of laughter and fun for the whole family Christmas morning. Love the photo! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I think we'll do this for Christmas or Christmas Eve. Ryan already made his own Angry Birds set up but he cut out holes in boxes to put the pigs. This looks like it would work better.

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