We are all Pioneers

Who is your favorite pioneer?
Mine is my mother,
who at 16 started searching for the true church.

She attended every church she could find.
It wasn’t until she attended
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
that she finally felt at home.
She says that seeing the families

all sitting together

is what first touched her.
I don’t know why that touched her more
than the families in the other churches she attended,
but I believe it was her first step at
gaining a testimony.
God spoke peace to her heart
through the eternal truth of families
that she had finally found the right place of worship.
I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
And for my mom.


  1. Without a doubt: Lydia Goldthwait Knight and Eliza Briggs Stratton. Eliza survived the journey of the Martin Handcart Company and went on to do great things in her life. Lydia lost her husband, Newel, while crossing the plains in 1847 and managed to get herself and their 8 children safely to the Salt Lake Valley. Many stories about both of these direct-line ancestors. They are my heroes. Both remained true and faithful to their Church and God even though their lives were difficult and both had many trials and challenges.

  2. Alice I love this post! My favorite pioneer?…I can't help it, my favorite is Emma Smith. I have no connection except that whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or sorry for myself, I think of Emma. What she went through and the love she had for the church and her family touches my heart. I also think of Joseph Smith's mother and I get teary. These are some incredible ladies!!!

  3. My dad! He joined the church at 17 and has never looked back. He is still the only member on his side of the family. I am sorry I missed your talks today. 😦

  4. My parents joined the church in Colombia 38 year ago making them the second family to become converts to the church in my hometown of Barranquilla. Although surrounded by descendants of pioneers who crossed many lands to arrive in Utah, I've always like to think that I as well come from pioneers. My parents also eventually made their way to Utah but not until planting a seed among hundreds of people in my homeland.

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