Vu Gi Na

My kids love their Aunt Amy, and her influence was priceless at our house a few weeks ago. Meaning. something that she taught one of the girls was good for a great comical moment.

It has to do with the post title, just in case you were wondering, but you know I have to give all the background first. I was reading on Scribbit this morning about words that Michelle Mitchell detests. It got me thinking of this experience from a few weeks ago.

I while back I wrote a funny post about the different terminology my siblings and I teach our kids to use for their body parts. (I can’t tell you how many google searches have led people to my post title Conversation Pieces) Who knew it was such a hot topic? We just had another similar conversation (yet, not quite as racy) for a good 10 minutes with our friends at a cookout on the 4th of July.

So, in this previous post I made it very clear that we try to teach our kids the correct scientific terminology for the human body parts. Our girls know the word vagina, but we don’t really use it. To the utter detest of my sister, we use the word crotch whenever we are talking about down there.

So, I was somewhat shocked and very amused the other day at our house. Bella was climbing on her sisters while still wearing her nightgown. She was just trying to get a better look at the GameBoy and Abigail wasn’t being nice. Abigail was getting a little irritated with the pestering and she sounded pretty foul as she screamed out, “BELLA, nobody wants you climbing all over them in a nightgown with your GINA in their face.”

I guffawed, “Abigail, where did you learn that?” She sensed my shocking tone and tried to calm me down with, “What? She knew exactly what I was talking about because a HUGE smile had crossed her face. She just wanted to make me say it too, hence the question.

So, I gave her what she wanted, “Gina”. (My apologies to Gina as this is the same spelling as her name but you all know this needs a long I sound) “Oh, (while trying to play it off) that’s what Aunt Amy calls it.”

What does a mother say to that? What any decent family member would, “Oh…o.k. well I don’t know if I like you saying that, it sounds pretty slang, but if your Aunt Amy taught it to you, then I guess it’s o.k.

Abigail replied, “Mom, what’s slang?”



  1. That was priceless!We use the term ‘cootch’. Is that better or worse than ‘crotch’? Just can’t bring myself to use ‘vagina’.

  2. i am in love with gina–my friend’s little one calls hers her “china”we are HORRIBLE about this–with all girls, it has always been the “tuppy”—go figure. i know, i know, my bad. but it is what it is.

  3. You really are so funny! I know we’re supposed to use correct terminology but we have a whole host of names for our nether regions and yes, gina is one of them. Out of respect to all the Gina’s (Geeena’s) that I know and love I try to limit my use of that particular slang word 🙂

  4. I know my kids are raised… but now we often refer to a GINA as a Vah-Jay-Jay. I love Grey’s Anatomy and Bailey said it to George when he was helping deliver her baby… She said, don’t you look at my Vah-jay-jay! I thought it was hilarious then… and I have heard reference to it since… even by Oprah. It’s my favorite SLANG!ToOdLeS, ShEiLA

  5. too funny, your ordinary peepee. When referring directly about the vagina and crotch for general area. Yep, we are crude and brass. but I do like the Gyna or GINA slang. I am rolling over here with the set up! I can just imagine her crawling over them, completely amiss to what’s going on and then a sister, screaming those lovelies at her! roflrofl,

  6. So. I’m reading the title and trying to figure out why you spelled Virginia like that and what the story behind the spelling is.Boy do I feel sheepish;)

  7. And < HREF="" REL="nofollow">HERE<> is where my son, Buster got a little confused about crotches while watching a Cirque Du Soleil DVD.

  8. Thanks for the apology… ugh, took me back to middle school when the guys realized that was how my name was spelt and a couple of them wouldn’t stop pronouncing my name that way.

  9. Sorry if I’m having a bad influence on your girls. I’ll try to do better. That’s the way Lily says it. I’ve tried to teach her how to say it correctly but she just can’t get her little Korean mouth to say the right sounds. And….. seriously, is that the best picture you have of me????

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