Family Photos in Beautiful Knoxville

Please excuse the post full of pictures of my beautiful family. It may not be that funny. But it will sure be some eye candy.
We’ve been married almost 14 years.
We’ve had 4 kids.
We’ve only had our photos taken at JC Pennies.
Do you spell JC Penny plural
JC Pennies or JC Penny’s?
You get the point.
This is a confession that tells you two things about our family.
1 – We’ve been poor.
2- We didn’t value a good photographer near enough.
Our friend Jessie was a Saint.
She was in the middle of moving
and we were leaving the State of Tennessee
the very next day.
I had to have some pictures with
my precious dogwoods.
She not only obliged.
But, rocked the house.
Thank you Jessie.
I will love you forever.
Jessie is about to have her first baby any day, so she will probably take a little time off. Or she will be shoving her camera in the face of her best subject ever. She also happens to be a perfectionist. As evidenced by the photos. She doesn’t have a site yet, but if you want to be put in touch with her, just let me know. She will be in the Knoxville area for a little while longer.
I literally cried my eyes out while looking at these photos tonight.
How I miss my Tennessee.
We took these photos at the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum.
It’s a beautiful place, much like all of East Tennessee.
Lucky for us we got to enjoy it on a perfect Spring day.
It was raining.
Did I mention it was a perfect way to say goodbye.

Β This is where I wanted the photo, but Jessie being the professional that she is said that we couldn’t set it up right. But, thank you Jessie for sending me this one shot of THE spot. It’s just beautiful. And so fitting of TN. From my favorite trees, to the old rock structure, all the way to the rusted old metal.

Our Sweet Caroline.

Her nicknames are Curls, Boots, and Shirley Temple.

She looks just like her daddy.
Even their smiles are identical.

Our not so sweet Caroline.

Beautiful Bella.

Sweet Sophia.

Adorable Abigail.

The whole family.
The whole family with the dogwoods.

The only picture LG and I have of us kissing since we got married.

You would never know that we were in a fight that day.

Thank you to Jessie for solving all of our 8 years of marital issues that played out during our time in Tennessee in one final moment.

It’s hard to be mad at someone when the photographer requests a kiss.

My favorite picture of all time.
Does it not just scream Tennessee?

I really do love this man so much.

Even more than I love his wife.


  1. oh i do love these! you all looking beautiful and I guess one handsome. πŸ™‚ so glad you got keep a little tennessee with ya. i do love that picture of y'all overlooking the hill. it's even better with that church at the bottom of the hill. it's inspiring. jarom and i have never done a “photo shoot” either. we haven't even done jc penny's! oh, and it's jc penny's.

  2. The photos are wonderful. You look beautiful. The girls are so cute. My favorite it the two of you sitting in the chairs. The view is amazing, there is a cute church in the background.

  3. These photos are awesome. Your girls are just beautiful. And, how typical that the mama and daddy were not getting along on picture day. Except for our wedding day, I don't think Mark and I have ever been in a real loving state on photo day, which makes me laugh to look back at our family photos!

    Tennessee misses you too!

  4. I love the photos and you Alice. Your honesty is so great! I don't have any kissing photos either. No professional photos either. Maybe eventually. Who has the time and my boys mess their hair up when I comb it (on purpose)! Utah's lucky to have you back.

  5. Oh what wonderful family fotos!! It ALMOST inspires me enough to take some of my own (which concept puts me in pure panic mode–I cannot color coordinate, or get all of the girls looking nice at one time, or try to keep Jboy still long enough to take one shot. . . ) Ok, I think I'll just look at your beautiful family instead. πŸ™‚

  6. I LOVE these photos — every single one of them. They are gorgeous Alice. And now I miss you all even more (as if that were possible!) I hope you are printing 8x10s or 5x7s and plastering them on your walls — every single one of you is ridiculously photogenic!

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