Dam Post

Here are the photos
straight from my camera
in July.
They present our trip in July
back from California.

For some dam funny stuff,
read more.

I couldn’t get my little whimpy camera
to capture this sight.
This road climbs elevation
and almost looked like it
was in route to heaven.
And remember,
I am an expert on heaven.
Just check out my klout,
it doesn’t lie.

Oh no an excess of water,
what are they going to do about it?

What was that C3p0?
Build a dam?
Or is that the eye of God talking
that Abigail made in 5th grade?

Is building a dam the best idea?
Dam straight.

And then we can name everything after it.
What a great idea.

I really hated to drive on 
when I knew it meant I was going
to have to miss 
the dam jam.
I wish I had some money here.
Or in any dam bank account.

Definitely the most touristy trap place ever.
When LG and I stopped to use their restrooms,
we both ran to our gender appropriate lou’s.
And I chuckled as I could hear LG’s peeing through the wall.
That was dam funny.

Watch out for the chocodiles.
I believe they are at least 2 dam years old.

Have a fabulous dam day.

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if you chuckled,
even once,
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Thanks to you so dam much
for being a reader.
I love you more than any other dam thing.



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