I am not a zoo fan.

I detest seeing animals in cages.

It seems especially wrong to cage a raccoon.

They are bandits.

Shouldn’t they be able to escape?



  1. I actually love National Parks the critters there can roam free and its so much fun trying to capture them… digitally.


  2. I have personally boycotted zoos and the circus and have raised my children to appreciate free wildlife. Who in the world are we …to cage animals?? I was raised in Maine and we had wildlfe that would come to our home…actually had a pet racoon..very very smart and playful animals.

  3. Of course racoons are bandits. They have stolen our corn the last two years. Every bit of it. I love wild life too and love to see them in their natural habitat but I'm very leary of racoons. They are pretty mean and they tend to carry rabbies in our area. The deer do our garden in too but there is still something beautiful about looking out our back yard and seeing a mother and her babies stealing apples off the tree.

  4. They sure look cute and innocent, don't they? Hard to believe they are so sneaky and downright mean sometimes! I love the zoo just because I love to see the animals — but I hate to see them caged — it does make you feel sorry for them.

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