Guest Post – Lynnae

Lynnae Boyer Weller is a close family friend.
She writes eloquently at Life’s Little Parables.
And she wrote up this guest post in a day.
Did I tell you she is awesome?
More like family really.
She, like all of her other family members, 
are always good for a laugh or 100.
I blogged about her mother’s laugh here.
I sure do miss it still.
But, Nancy’s laugh most definitely lives on in her children.
As evidenced by this awesome guest post.

My little family has a long history with wolves. We have a very small zoo where we live, but It’s biggest exhibit is the wolves. When my daughter was 3, we visited the zoo and watched the wolves from an observation deck. The deck is open air and keeps you about 8 feet above the ground level. One wolf apparently thought my daughter would be a tasty treat. He trotted right over, sat down in front of her, and started licking his lips. He kept staring at her and licking his lips until we left! Needless to say, I kept a very tight hand on her that visit!

Since then, the zoo built a nice building you can go in to observe the wolves on ground level through a large, thick window. The first time we went there, one of the wolves apparently took a disliking to my son. The wolf saw him through the window and tried to urinate on him! Seriously disgusting, wolf!

Speaking of disgusting things that wolves do, my daughter, who is now 7, had the opportunity to see a presentation on wolves with one of her friends. She learned when a wolf makes a large kill, and is unable to take it back to the den, the wolf will urinate on the meat to “mark” it as his own. All the kids in the crowd were completely disgusted. However, my daughter thought about it for a minute and said, “Well, actually, it’s just like he’s putting his own sauce on it!”

I guess that disgusting wolf was just trying to put some sauce on my son!



  1. I don't know that mucn about wolves… but marking your food with urine is not a great idea… and even worse to zero in on the 'man child' of a Momma Bear. That fight would be fierce.

    Enjoyed the guest post. Nice meeting you Lynnae.


  2. I wonder if the wolf had an ice cream sundae available if he would feel the need to urinate on that too. I mean, that would just ruin the flavor. . .
    I could get really skinny if I tried a diet like that. . .

  3. I have been looking for a new sauce recipe. There aren't any wolves in the area, but I do have a dog. I think he should be more than happy to help out in the quest for the perfect sauce.

  4. Thanks Angel!

    Holly, That would be one awful way to lose weight! I don't think I'm that desperate yet. 🙂

    Elissa, You're too much!

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