Twilight for Santa Lovers

Thanks to Kristen for the funniest Twilight spoof I have ever seen.
(O.k., it’s the only one I have ever seen)



  1. I laughed out loud a few times and apparently my 2 year old on my lap didn’t get why. He doesn’t really know Twilight or Santa…oh well. To those of us who do, that was pretty clever. Only spoof I’ve seen too. Surely there will be more. Thanks for the funny post!

  2. Wow, that was done with what a homemade video camera and some free video editing software, and it was just as good quality as the multimillion dollar one. And the acting was tons better. Let’s see some more!!!

  3. I enjoyed ‘Twilight’ very much – although mostly the book because the acting was pretty poor.But yes – this spoof was kinda funny. I wonder how many more there will be (probably lots).~Steph

  4. there you are! I had deleted all my blog addresses, unintentionally! I could only comment on my followers and those who left a comment! ::clears throat:: LOLI am so glad I found your blog again! and glad you commmented on Devri! Ok, tomorrow I will catch up some more. But, it is 1am and I have to get up in 4 hours! hugs!

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