Making Memories in the Winter of Our Lives

On Sunday night, LG and I had “the talk”.
You know the one.
What are we doing?
Is it worth it?
When is this supposed to get better or just plain easier?
Let’s just say we’ve had a rough couple of months.
And leave it at that.
After much discussion and a few tears, I turned to LG and said,
“You know in about 25 years when we’ve quit worrying about money and careers
and having no time to ourselves, and all of our kids are gone,
we are going to look back at this time and wish we could come back.”
LG replied, “Yeah right. I don’t think so.”
And then God made a miracle happen to show LG that I was right.
I’m always right.
God made it snow.
Really snow.
Building snowman kind of snow.
It’s the first time since we’ve lived in Tennessee.
And we made memories.
The kind that can only happen in the winter of our lives.
The kind that are so good, you will forget how cold it was.
And only remember love and warmth.
Yes, the kind that you will long for in about 25 years.

We had to get dad to help.
The second ball was too heavy for us to lift.
I forgot how much stronger men are made.
And I am the fortunate one to be married to a man
that not only can lift, but will gently apply a clown nose as well.
This is our plain guy.
With a stick something.
(Is that a cigarette?)
I guess we’ve been among the Southern tobacco industry too long.

It’s definitely a Tennessee thing.

A cucumber nose.

No nose.

Snow muchacho.

The cross dresser.

Snow Poppins.
Your Coldness.

Clown Man.
Or bad Toupee Guy.

Merry Winter.
Make some memories.



  1. Ah but Alice, you don’t have to long for those days 25 years later because then you have wonderful children who give you grandchildren and that just adds double to your memories and joy. Love you!!

  2. I totally agree with you. One day it will all be worth it. It’s just hard to remember sometimes, we know that for sure!Love the pictures! Who knew there was such a thing as a snowman with multiple-personalities.

  3. Thanks for all the snowman ideas!Here in Phoenix we have to drive about 2hours to get to snow which is what we’re doing in about 2 weeks. My kids aren’t really familiar with snow so I’ve been brainstorming fun ideas for them to do when we’re up at the cabin. I love all the different clothes and looks you guys came up with for Frosty!!

  4. I am so happy to know you have all been busy making memories.They will matter so much when the kids are gone… and they come home for holidays and talk about the [good ole days].Love all the variations of the snowman/woman/crossdressing friend you made.ToOdLeS.ShEiLaps. just remember.once the kids are gonethe grand-kids show up on the scene.

  5. Your snowman made me giggle with all of his different hats! There’s always time to worry and stress, but there are never enough moments like the one you had together in the snow. Your kids will cherish memories like those forever! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Alice–I’m sorry. I keep telling myself and now I’ll tell you, all through the scriptures we are reminded, “And it came to pass”–never does it say, and it came to stay. Hugs. Love the pictures.

  7. You ARE always right Alice — tell LeGrand I said so! (hee hee)LOVE all your snowman pictures. Your snowman is so much more creative than ours was! But it was fun playing in the snow wasn’t it??? Sorry I didn’t get to speak to you much Saturday. 😦

  8. i loved this! and I think it is why I can handle our little blip in life a bit easier. When we were in college life was terribly hard. Very hard. I was miserable and life was a blur but once out of our storm there were so many moments that I could reflect on and wish I enjoyed them a bit more because life then was really good and we learned so much.I’m glad I am more mature now, and can see outside the soggy box. I’m glad you have learned the lesson too!

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